September 16, 2014


Hello and welcome! My name is Katie Coble, and I am a New Yorker for whom royal watching has become a favorite guilty pleasure, an escape into a glamorous lifestyle during my toddler’s naps. My interest in royal watching started as a child with Princess Diana, and then segued into a full-on admiration for the Duchess of Cambridge. After that, other royals around the globe – Princess Charlene especially, for her delicate beauty and unshakable mystique – began to shift into my field of vision.


I am many other things, aside royal-watcher: wife, mother, vegetarian, writer, baker extraordinaire, eater of any kind of pizza, Bikram yoga junkie, hater of all fruit except grapefruit. I listen to rap music almost exclusively, with a sprinkle of opera and country thrown in for balance. After post-graduate work in writing and literature, I have acquired the most non-marketable skill there is: the ability to translate Old English with surprising accuracy. I also love tiaras, and almost anything sparkly.

In addition to my writing here, I serve as a contributing writer to Kate’s Clothes, one of the Acorn Étoile sites on the Duchess of Cambridge.