February 2, 2018

Princess Gabriella Learns to Ski

Happy February, friends! I hope this post starts your month off right, and it should, because it consists of a three-year old on skis. I mean, you can’t get much cuter than that, right? I always enjoy starting off anything – the year, the month, the day, whatever – with an “awwww” moment. Somehow it gives the right perspective for life in general. And to that end, this week Princess Charlene shared some photos of Gabriella learning to ski for the first time. (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)


That little face. All pinched an adorable! The one thing this expression seems to tell me is DANG, it’s cold out there. No clues as to where Charlene and the kiddos are for this winter trip, but it doesn’t look balmy. Those cheeks look like they are numb. But what’s cuter than a toddler who’s maybe a little worn out by a fun day in the snow? (Parents, myself included, probably love that look because it means naptime will be on point!)


Also, anyone else dying over the fact that a little princess has Frozen-themed skis? I always wonder how it is for these young princesses to grow up with the princess movies…only to learn later on that they actually ARE princesses. Don’t get me wrong, I know there’s a lot about those movies that’s cliche and completely unrealistic even for actual royalty, but still. I loved those movies growing up, and yet I literally remember a slight twinge of disappointment around the time I was 5 when the realization hit that I wasn’t a princess. It was all the more confusing because sometimes my parents called me “princess.” Talk about a false sense of security, you know? How thoughtless of my family!! (HA, kidding of course.)

Anyway! Hope you’re all having a great day, and here’s to Charlene getting some awesome naptimes with all the ski instruction going on!


  1. I saw a small video, of Gabriella skiing, that Charlene posted on Instagram. Gabriella seems an experienced skier and much older than her 3 years. She has the makings of a future athlete! Just now she is so endearing in the way that she looks like a real frozen Princess!!!!!!!!!

  2. So cute! I bet Albert is already plotting how to get the kids on a bobsled 😉

  3. They have been in Courchevel.
    More pictures:

  4. Katie Coble says:

    Ah, merci Imke!!

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