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February 13, 2018

Valentine’s Love from the Princely Twins

A little early Happy Valentine’s Day to you all! With Ash Wednesday falling on the same day as Valentine’s this year, some of us are indeed celebrating early – like me, for instance. Truth be told, Valentine’s isn’t my favorite holiday, but I do enjoy the chocolate. That’s really the only redeeming feature, though, since otherwise I’m cutting out paper hearts and helping my kid write 5,000 valentines for school (ok, maybe more like 23) for kids toward whom she only feels lukewarm at best. Sigh. It’s just a lot of energy for something that ultimately ends up being a waste of construction paper, you know?

I digress. Enter the princely twins, and I end up forgetting much of that eye-rollingly dull “chore” of Valentine’s Day. In fact, these two actually make me remember the love part. And who doesn’t love love? (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)


Charlene shared these adorable photos of the twins just a couple days ago, and they are so sweet. It is so lovely to watch these siblings grow together, and to know that Charlene has facilitated their close relationship from so early on (as Myriam mentioned in the comments on a previous occasion!). They are clearly one another’s best friend, and it’s a good reminder that this holiday should always include family love. Romance is nice, but all love is celebration-worthy.


THIS KISS. Hold the phone. This might be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I admit to being the Grinch of Valentine’s, and this photo goes a long way to breaking that tape measure around my heart. (This, and the afore-mentioned chocolate. I haven’t forgotten that.)


Also, Charlene included some pics of the kids at an aquarium. You can’t really see their faces, but it’s still sweet to see them so entranced by the under-the-sea magic.

In other news, more pictures were revealed from the princely family’s vacation in Courchevel (thank you Imke!), and it appeared to be a winter-wonderland sort of adventure.


Though I have to admit, my favorite part is how normal these vacay pictures look. The kids look nonplussed (though still cute), Charlene is having to pull Jacques up onto his feet, Gabriella’s squirming out of Albert’s lap to be done already with the photos, etc. They’re three years old, and acting like it from the looks of these photos. Have a look and see what I mean. (The humorous quotation-captions on the below photos are my own whimsical interpretations. The cuteness just overtook me!)


“Yes, I get it. I sit here and you pull me around. Can I go now?”


“Ma, I’m cold. Can we go inside?”


“I’m playing jelly-limbs with you because I think it’s funny.”


“Ok got the photo bye-BYEEEE!”

These photos be replicated by almost any family with three-year olds. This is just one of those things I love about this family. They’re lovely and normal, which makes the rest of us feel just a little more lovely as well.


Charlene, of course, was gorgeous even with three-year olds and surrounded by snow. She looks so contented. And what better way to end the post? Our lovely princess spreading love to us all with the help of her beautiful kids. Happy Valentine’s day to you all – I’m sending you chocolate through my brainwaves…!

February 2, 2018

Princess Gabriella Learns to Ski

Happy February, friends! I hope this post starts your month off right, and it should, because it consists of a three-year old on skis. I mean, you can’t get much cuter than that, right? I always enjoy starting off anything – the year, the month, the day, whatever – with an “awwww” moment. Somehow it gives the right perspective for life in general. And to that end, this week Princess Charlene shared some photos of Gabriella learning to ski for the first time. (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)


That little face. All pinched an adorable! The one thing this expression seems to tell me is DANG, it’s cold out there. No clues as to where Charlene and the kiddos are for this winter trip, but it doesn’t look balmy. Those cheeks look like they are numb. But what’s cuter than a toddler who’s maybe a little worn out by a fun day in the snow? (Parents, myself included, probably love that look because it means naptime will be on point!)


Also, anyone else dying over the fact that a little princess has Frozen-themed skis? I always wonder how it is for these young princesses to grow up with the princess movies…only to learn later on that they actually ARE princesses. Don’t get me wrong, I know there’s a lot about those movies that’s cliche and completely unrealistic even for actual royalty, but still. I loved those movies growing up, and yet I literally remember a slight twinge of disappointment around the time I was 5 when the realization hit that I wasn’t a princess. It was all the more confusing because sometimes my parents called me “princess.” Talk about a false sense of security, you know? How thoughtless of my family!! (HA, kidding of course.)

Anyway! Hope you’re all having a great day, and here’s to Charlene getting some awesome naptimes with all the ski instruction going on!