January 27, 2018

Boat Burning for Feast of Sainte Dévote

Happy Sainte Dévote’s day, everyone! In case you are new to this blog, allow me to explain: over January 26-27 every year, Monaco celebrates the feast of Sainte Dévote, the patron saint of Monaco, who is believed to protect the principality from harm. Per tradition, the princely family burns a boat on the eve of Sainte Dévote’s day, and then attends a special Mass in her honor the next morning. The whole event is terribly theatrical and fun, and we Charlene watchers look forward to it every year. (Photos courtesy of Facebook and Getty.)


This year was particularly exciting, because the royal twins were in attendance at the boat burning! I wasn’t expecting them for at least a few more years, simply because it’s such a late-night ceremony. (My kid is a couple years older than the twins, and certainly wouldn’t be able to stay up this late.) My guess is that Charlene and her nannies conspired to get the kids down for a super-intense nap during the afternoon, thus explaining their not-so-droopy eyelids.


Charlene looked beautiful at the boat burning ceremony, clad in a black and white plaid jacket. It’s funny, because this jacket reminds me so much of the Duchess of Cambridge’s Zara cape…and usually Charlene is the one who dons the capes! But Charlene’s here is a jacket, and I don’t love it, but I like it. I think my dislike comes from the fact that it’s not as fitted as I’d like it to be, and for something so busy, I would enjoy some more contoured tailoring.
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Aside from my nitpicking, though, Charlene did look fresh-faced and elegant, and the simple black slacks with black heels *did* polish the ensemble quite well.
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I rarely focus on Albert’s outfits, but look at him here! So perfect! I love his coat. It is so stylish and the high-quality is just emanating from it like an aura. I also love the scarf, which almost has a pashmina-like style about it. He is a fashionable man. No doubt an influence from his fashion-forward wife! Embed from Getty Images
Gabriella’s little boots are killing me. I LOVE them. So chic for such a young age! It was so nice to see them involved in the ceremony for the first time, and doubtless they found all the drama very exciting. 1
They even got to help set the boat on fire! So fun. 3
I see that both kiddos brought some toys to keep them occupied during minutes of boredom…and Gabriella has a bunny from the Calico Critters collection! We have these in my house, too, but my kid refers to them as “new bunnies.” I have no idea why. But when I saw this, I immediately showed my husband and he gasped, “Ah! She has a new bunny!” Haha.
These TWO and their little hugs! Such a sweet moment, and I’m so glad it was captured on camera. Embed from Getty Images
This morning, for the Mass and balcony appearance, Charlene looked particularly chic in a tartan-style jacket, which certainly echoed last night’s plaid jacket. She paired it with a knee-length black skirt, and again, the black high heels. Embed from Getty Images
I am so iffy on this outfit. What do you think? On the one hand, the jacket is simply gorgeous and the 3/4 sleeve complements her black leather gloves so deliciously that I love it. On the other hand, I feel like combining it with this skirt somehow cuts her off and makes her look less polished. I think long, slim black slacks, like from the evening event, may have made the look a bit more streamlined and less choppy.
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I think the best part about this styling, though, was her face. My goodness, how beautiful the makeup and hair were for this daytime appearance! She hasn’t worn her hair with this kind of soft, elegant flip in such a long time. Makeup was strong, very finished, and flatteringly neutral, and her earrings were the perfect complement for a daytime event of this magnitude. I loved it. Embed from Getty Images
Just beautiful. Happy Sainte Dévote’s day to you all, and don’t even think about going out and burning a boat!


  1. Well, I guess setting a boat on fire is the Grimaldis’ idea of a fun family activity 😉
    The twins are beyond adorable and Gabriella is the most stylish toddler I’ve ever seen. I want her entire wardrobe in an adult size, please and thank you.
    As for Charlene, these two looks have left me underwhelmed. Everything, even her hair, is a bit… staid. Especially the boxy jacket + midi skirt combo, which veers slightly towards frumpy. I agree that the jacket – which is a lovely colour – would have looked better with a pair of slim trousers. As for the roomy plaid coat with wide-legged trousers from the first day of celebrations… That’s a combination Charlene used to wear A LOT in the early days as princess and I am not hugely enthusiastic about it. At least her trousers are a bit more tailored now…
    I mean, she looked lovely, but these two outfits are not going to be my favourite.
    Your comment about Albert being a fashionable man made me think of his teenage years, which were ALL about wildly colourful floral shirts and bell bottoms. No, really! It’s hard to imagine now he mostly lives in suits, isn’t it? But his love of bold prints can still be seen in his choice of off-duty floral shirts, patterned swimming trunks and some of his ties… Speaking of ties, I love that he coordinated with Charlene’s outfit. Thankfully, not by wearing an actual plaid tie 😉

  2. Charlene looked elegant as expected, but these outfits also do not excite me. I do suppose one cannot expect even a princess to also wear stunning outfits. Her make-up and hair: perfect as always. The photograph of the twins hugging is heart-meltingly sweet – the expression on our little prince’s face shows how much he loves his little sister. And yes, it was good to see Albert getting a bit of the fashion limelight in that smart coat and scarf.

  3. I cannot stop looking at the photo of the twins hugging. It is heart-wrenchingly beautiful and the bond that they have created will last through all their lives. It is all thanks to Charlene.

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