January 22, 2018

January Fun for Princely Twins

You know, I’m not sure if it’s just where I live, but January is a crappy month. I was talking about this with a friend just recently: the weather’s unbearable (again, this may just be a location issue), kids are coming home from school with things dripping out of their noses the likes of which I have only ever seen in science fiction movies, the holidays are gone, we’ve all gained unwanted pounds because of said holidays, and there seems to be a permanent blanket of clouds blocking out any hope of sunlight. I’m over it.

But then I see photos of those princely twins in Monaco, and my heart is happy. Folks, these two kids have had such a good January so far! It makes my spirits go a little higher to see them having a good time, and almost makes things better around where I am. Almost. Not really. Just a little…for like a minute. Ha! (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)


Earlier this month, the whole family headed to the Caribbean, where the twins looked to be enjoying the warmer weather so much in their cute little outfits. I’m dying over that dress on Gabriella – how is it possible to make elegant toddler clothing? I don’t know. But Gabriella has all of it, seemingly.


I decided to include this photo from their trip, even though the twins weren’t in it, because look how FIT Charlene is on that board!! Also, I have pants almost exactly like these, so I got excited over that. Perhaps I have good taste after all 😉


Back to the twins, though. Charlene took some photos at the playground with the kids, and besides the fact that they were (once again) better dressed than any kids around me, I loved how over-the-top normal this was.


Even though they were in coats – and again, Gabriella’s is swoon-worthy – the sun was shining so brightly that it seemed like a perfect day at the park.


Gabriella had a date with this slide, as you can see. This photo has great composition: I love how you can clearly see her reflection in the metal. But how much do I want to yell “Turn over and don’t ruin your coat!!!” Ha!


And however Charlene managed to get her little Uggs that match this pale pink so perfectly is beyond me. I love it from head to toe.


Jacques was equally cute, obviously, and just seems so chill about everything. His short hair is really growing on me, too. I love how it still insists on keeping the curl. I wonder what kind of mischief he gets up to…because you know the more that boy looks chill, the more he’s probably up to something.


And most recently, the twins were treated to a visit to the circus by their dad and their aunt Stéphanie! I know Albert and his sisters very much love supporting the circus every  year, and it is SO fun that the kids are now getting old enough to enjoy it.

Alright loves, have a great Monday. I’m sending you any sunshine that’s evading me right now – I hope it’s with you instead. Enjoy!


  1. Pink coat for the girl – so gender stereotype. This series contains of 10 pictures all together: 2 of her. 6 of him and two of both. Telling another story. Don ‘t mean to be negative am only so shocked PC isn’t more conscious about such things.

  2. Katie Coble says:

    Hi Imke! Thank you for taking the time to share your opinion. I may have to respectfully disagree with the gender stereotyping issue, simply because there have been so many occasions for which Charlene has had both twins donning all sorts of different colors. If it were a circumstance where Gabriella was in baby-pink all the time, I would probably agree with your statement; however, both twins have been photographed in a variety of colors and styles (even in sweatpants!). Additionally, Charlene has been known to publicly dress Jacques in a more “feminine” way, which is something she received some large criticism for (though not from me, I thought it was fabulous!) because she *wasn’t* being gender-predictable. I am of the school of thought that all colors/styles are for everyone, so if either kid wants to wear pink once in awhile, that’s a-ok with me. My main point in the post was just that the twins were both so darn cute, and I think we can all agree on that 😉

  3. Katie, I did not send any comments for some of your previous posts for the simple reason that I was not feeling well. Now, thanks God, I am on the mend. I also tend to disagree with Imke. I think that Charlene dresses both of the twins in a marvellous way. My idea is that she is quietly channelling Gabriella to wearing classic outfits with matching accessories. We have seen numerous photos of Gabriella wearing different type of outfits in all colours; but always with matching shoes etc. I think that the Monaco twins are amongst the best dressed, if not the best, in European royalty.

  4. Katie Coble says:

    Myriam, I am so sorry you were feeling sick! Hopefully it wasn’t too serious. Sending you wellness, my friend!

  5. Ok, ladies, you convinced me about the gender stereo type thing. And yes, we can all agree on how darn cute they are.

  6. Hi Katie, sending you lots of greetings from a hot sunny South Africa where we are now in one of our hottest months of the year, but I love it! Thank you for the gorgeous photographs of the Monaco twins and delightfully informal photos of their mother and father. Also the lovely photo of the family at the circus. Loved them all.
    Keep up the good work.

  7. The pictures of the children remind me of the fun I had at the playground with my son.
    Thanks for sharing – they are soooo cute!!!!!

  8. Katie, Many thanks for your kind thoughts. I had a very, very bad attack of sciatica plus asthma; so you imagine how I was feeling. I never get tired of seeing pictures of those adorable angels! Noting how the twins are completely at ease with Stephanie and her children shows the closeness of the two families.

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