January 12, 2018

Charlene Models for World Class Magazine

Happy new year, friends! I hope your entry into 2018 has been smooth, kind, and encouraging. On my end, we’ve all been sick again – quelle surprise – and the temperatures here have gone from -17 to 60 in the span of 6 days. But! It has still been a gentle and rewarding new year, full of resolutions and hopeful prospects. Speaking of resolutions, if you are like most people, you’ve given yourself some sort of health/fitness goal for 2018, and Princess Charlene is here to provide motivation. Her photos for World Class magazine have been released (taken by photographer Gil Zetbase), and while the actual magazine came out awhile back, we are able to share the photos at this point – and they are glorious. (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)


In these photos, Charlene looks glowy and strong, and she appears particularly beautiful. Her sportswear is so cute! I am dying for the pants she is wearing in the later pics, though I do admit that I had a workout top/sports bra like this once and hated it when actually using it. But it’s cute for a photo, I guess!


One of Charlene’s most significantly unique features, at least among royal ladies, is her incredible fitness and physique. It’s not usual that we see royals posing in workout gear, though, so we hardly ever get to see how toned her muscles are unless she is wearing a skin-tight dress. I was so grateful to this photo shoot to allow her a chance to show off how hard she has worked – this kind of tone takes mega dedication, and it is super inspiring.


Talk about motivation for 2018. Plaster these photos on the fridge, am I right?! (Ha. Maybe I’m right, but I’m also just kidding!)


Most of the shoot was highly stylized and heavily made up, which has had some criticism: after all, we are talking about fitness here, and who goes to the gym with a full face of makeup? Personally, I do not feel critical of this aspect of these photos, as this was a modeling situation photo shoot. Makeup and stylizing are part of the game here.


And honestly, who can be angry with this kind of gorgeous makeup? BEAUTY, my friends, beauty. This is an art.

And this photo is for all those haters out there who love to say that she never smiles…


See? Happy! May we all find the joy in the workout, the joy in the journey. It’s not all about the transformation, it has to be organic, sweet, gentle, encouraging, steady, consistent. And joyful.


Charlene is quoted on the front of the magazine: “I prefer oldschool fitness. The more basic and natural, the better.” Amen. It doesn’t have to be fancy to work. Happy new year to you all! (Now hop into your yoga pants and get movin’!)


  1. Hi Katy, so glad to have you back and with such amazingly beautiful photos of our favorite princess. Wow, wow and wow again! Truly, beauty is an art, none more so as seen in these stunning photographs. A lovely way to start our new year. Thank you very much. Wishing you and your family better health in 2018.

  2. So I guess she’s trying to sell working out as glamorous… I AM NOT FALLING FOR IT, CHAR, I know it’s all blood, sweat and tears!
    In all seriousness, she looks phenomenal here and her make-up is stupendous. The clothes don’t look all that practical for working out and I doubt even princesses dress like that for the gym, but I do love her trainers and the colour scheme is cool.
    I love the pic with the skipping rope. It seems to be saying, “don’t mess with me!”

  3. Katie Coble says:

    V., this made me laugh! I know, none of us are falling for it, right?! If only we all looked this good when we were working out. Her sweat probably smells like perfume, too 😉

    And Karin – thank you so much for the well-wishes for my family. I have never bought so much “wellness” tea in my life, haha.

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