December 21, 2017

Annual Children’s Christmas Party

Happy Winter Solstice to you all! Is anyone out there celebrating the shortest day of the year? For my family, we are hunkering down old-school style, ultra-cozy in thick socks, blankets, and yes, I’ll admit it, video games!, while a curried sweet potato-carrot soup simmers on the stove. While it cooks, I will share some photos with you from yesterday’s Children’s Christmas Party at the Princely Palace. (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)


As you know, this is an annual event in Monaco, and I have no doubt that the Monégasque children look forward to it every year. They get to see Santa, get some presents, and hang out with their favorite princess.


Charlene looked ultra chic in this gorgeous Akris coat/poncho/cape. I’m not sure what to call it. It closes like a coat, drapes like a poncho, and has little arm holes like a cape. For simplicity’s sake, though, I will call it a coat, and I will not leave you hanging here: I love, love, love this coat. The red is dynamite, and the cut is elegant. She looks so regal. (Sidenote: anyone else out there rolling her eyes at Albert with his Santa hat and awful tie?? I know I am. But once again, I can’t be too mad – it’s pretty cute how he really gets into the spirit of the season, especially for the kids.)


And these Jimmy Choo boots are killer! I love the combination with the red, and the khaki pants are just simple enough to let the two leading elements of the ensemble shine. Under the coat, you can see that Charlene is wearing a ribbed, grey turtleneck, and while I wish we had a better view of the turtleneck, I can’t be mad because I love the coat.


Charlene’s hair and makeup were, once again, soft and natural. I loved it.


And she certainly seemed to enjoy handing out gifts to the kids! Probably not as much as the kids enjoyed receiving the gifts, though. Gotta be real about that one.

And my favorite photo of the day:


These two. Heart eyes!!! Have a wonderful solstice, everyone – and stay warm!


  1. I love all of this, including Albert’s novelty tie and hat. It’s fun. I like to see a royal who doesn’t take themselves too seriously. As for Charlene’s outfit, my favourite part is the way she used colours. I would not instinctively pair a bright red coat with tan trousers and a grey sweater, but the colours turned out to compliment each other beautifully. She looks fantastic, surely one of her best daytime looks this year!

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