December 17, 2017

Princess Charlene at the Red Cross

As per tradition, Charlene made her yearly appearance at the Red Cross parcel distribution this week, and the annual visit was highly successful! As usual, she distributed the parcels to the elderly, and even included the Christmas snapshot of the twins (the same one we shared in the last post). The recipients of the gifts seemed delighted, and who wouldn’t be?! (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)


Charlene, of course, looked nothing short of striking. She chose a charcoal-grey Akris jumpsuit, pairing it with a black coat, and both pieces were exquisite in both quality and beauty. Personally, I would  have preferred to see more color in this ensemble – outside photos are fine, but inside the lighting made the whole look so dark.


You see what I mean about how the interior lighting changes the look? It bothers me. But she certainly does look good in black, so I can’t argue the issue too much.


Charlene, as usual, looked so happy to celebrate the Christmas season with these lovely people…


…and she seemed delighted to share the twins’ photo with them, too! You can see that she was proud to distribute this photo, just as millions of parents do with their own children’s photos at Christmas.


Let’s take a moment to discuss Charlene’s hair and makeup. I loved it! She went soft for her hair, which has really been lovely this season, and her makeup was delicate and feminine. I could see how she might have chosen a red lip here, and to be honest, I think I would have preferred that. But this was quite lovely, beautifully done, and balanced out the edgy black outfit, where red would only have intensified it. It was a solid choice.


Overall, this one didn’t send me over the edge in either direction. It was lovely, but I didn’t fall in love. You know? Either way, it was delightful to see her at this event once again – she never fails to disappoint!


  1. The colour of this jumpsuit confuses me. At first I thought it was forest green, then it appeared teal, then someone said it was blue, now you say it’s grey I can see that, too… It’s nice that it’s not black, but you are right that it looks better in natural light.
    Not sure what to think about the coat. It looks a bit like a cross between a bathrobe and a priest’s cassock to me. I think a shorter jacket would have worked better with the jumpsuit.
    I love Charlene’s lipstick here, though. On my monitor it looks like a soft berry shade and I MUCH prefer it to her usual beige-y pinks as an alternative to a strong red lip. She looked really lovely!

  2. Katie Coble says:

    Hi V.! Your thoughts on the coat were spot on – and hilarious! I can’t not see a priest’s cassock now. :)

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