December 15, 2017

Christmas Photo of Twins

Earlier this week, Princess Charlene shared a gorgeous photo of her twins all decked out for Christmas, and I couldn’t wait to share it with you! Of course, I have been up to my elbows in gingerbread cookie dough, wrapping paper and ribbons, and trying to stay warm in 7 degree weather. So it has taken me a day or two, but I’m here now with this adorable Christmas treat! (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)


I mean!! I don’t think I’ve seen Jacques with such a big smile on his face…well, ever. He is adorable! And at this point I am starting to really see his resemblance to Charlene. Gabriella is equally cute, though she does favor her father. And doesn’t she look like such a mischief maker with that sideways glance?? Their parents are probably so proud, so tired, and so eager to celebrate the holiday with these two.

In other news, more photos have emerged (and I have access to them, yes!) of the twins at the Christmas market outing from just before their birthday.


Jacques must be in a Mickey Mouse phase. (Isn’t it nice how these kids are just normal kids! What is better than Mickey Mouse for a 3 year old? Other than Donald Duck, nobody.)


And as we mentioned previously, he holds tightly to his mama’s hand while Gabriella is Miss Independent. LOVE it.


And Gabby’s coat is the living end. The faux-fur collar is precious as can be, and seems to be keeping her nice and warm. I hope they are getting excited for Christmas…and maybe helping the parents stay calm during this stressful season? Can I get an amen?!


  1. Katie, I think that judging by the 1st and last photos the parents will not be able to stay calm during the Christmas period! The look on the faces of these 2 enchanting cherubs is the look of someone looking for mischief. The’older’ they become Jacques resembles more Charlene and Gabriella resembles more Albert. I can imagine the twins’ excitement on Christmas Day when they see their presents and their shouts of joy when they open them! That day their parents will have to be on their toes the whole day long to TRY to control them!!

  2. Thank you for the absolutely lovely photographs of the royal twins. They are growing up so fast and are just adorable. The smile on Jacques face seems to light up his face, even more so as we are used to seeing him always looking so serious – I think he finds the media attention fixed on them where-ever they go somewhat daunting. And Gabriella looks very lovely in her jacket with the red collar, it really suits her. She certainly already has her parents’ composure when having to face the cameras.

  3. Jacques is such a Charlene clone and they are both so cute! And so stylish. You can see Charlene’s good taste in how she dresses her kids as much as in how she dresses herself.

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