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December 15, 2017

Christmas Photo of Twins

Earlier this week, Princess Charlene shared a gorgeous photo of her twins all decked out for Christmas, and I couldn’t wait to share it with you! Of course, I have been up to my elbows in gingerbread cookie dough, wrapping paper and ribbons, and trying to stay warm in 7 degree weather. So it has taken me a day or two, but I’m here now with this adorable Christmas treat! (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)


I mean!! I don’t think I’ve seen Jacques with such a big smile on his face…well, ever. He is adorable! And at this point I am starting to really see his resemblance to Charlene. Gabriella is equally cute, though she does favor her father. And doesn’t she look like such a mischief maker with that sideways glance?? Their parents are probably so proud, so tired, and so eager to celebrate the holiday with these two.

In other news, more photos have emerged (and I have access to them, yes!) of the twins at the Christmas market outing from just before their birthday.


Jacques must be in a Mickey Mouse phase. (Isn’t it nice how these kids are just normal kids! What is better than Mickey Mouse for a 3 year old? Other than Donald Duck, nobody.)


And as we mentioned previously, he holds tightly to his mama’s hand while Gabriella is Miss Independent. LOVE it.


And Gabby’s coat is the living end. The faux-fur collar is precious as can be, and seems to be keeping her nice and warm. I hope they are getting excited for Christmas…and maybe helping the parents stay calm during this stressful season? Can I get an amen?!

December 10, 2017

Happy Birthday to Jacques and Gabriella!

As you are all probably quite aware – and if you weren’t, the title of this post certainly gave it away – today was the birthday of Jacques and Gabriella. The princely twins celebrated the completion of three years today, a definite milestone for the tots (and their parents!). I am sharing some recent photos from National Day, since it gives us quite an accurate idea of how the twins are looking at three years old. (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)


For being only three, Gabriella certainly has a regal presence about her. I’ve said it before, and I will again today: she has a certain look to her facial expressions that seems to radiate composure and yes, elegance. Even when she’s making a silly face, it appears that she has inherited her mother’s graceful quietude that is so very sophisticated. (Also, her dresses are already exquisite.)


And Jacques. Dear little Jacques! He is so sweet. He also has a calmness about him, and these days he seems to be the more clingy of the two children. And why not? They go through phases, just like any others. His piercing blue eyes get me every time, and I can just see how handsome he will be as a young man. Not to get ahead of ourselves, though. THREE, not thirty!


They are precious and I wish them a very happy birthday, with many more to come!!

In other news, Charlene and Albert (and I believe the twins were present, too) attended the opening of the Christmas market in Monaco just yesterday.


Charlene looked fresh and relaxed, oozing merriment and elegance in her winter-white ensemble, which seems to be paired with black leggings and accessories. Just lovely.


She interacted with everyone, of course, and everyone was appropriately delighted. A beautiful princess having fun with her family, just before her babies turned three. A celebration indeed! Happy birthday once again to the twins!

December 4, 2017

Casual Charlene

Over the last week, we have had a couple small, quiet Charlene appearances that can’t go unnoticed. Just because they’re small doesn’t mean they’re boring, right?! Charlene is one of those royals who is unafraid to take out her kids for some fun, occasionally go with little makeup, etc. And it’s fun to see her dressing down from time to time, too! (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)


Last week, Charlene went to the Colombus art gallery in Monaco and met with Mikhail Baryshnikov. She looked super chic, yet casual all at once, which is one of my favorite styles on her. Perhaps its the mom in me seeking consistent inspiration, but I feel like she’s speaking my language with this outfit. Comfy, stylish, relaxed and chic – and gorgeous even with minimal makeup! Some people might be hating on the poncho-style throw here, and I get it. These aren’t for everyone. But for me, I love it. And the boots are so on point! Also…Baryshnikov! So handsome. I met his daughter once, and that was exciting, but I can say without hesitation that I would have preferred to meet HIM. Ha!

Next up…


Charlene took the twins to a basketball game, and all three of them seemed to be having a good time. As much as I’m sure Charlene has all the help in the world that she could possibly want/need, it’s nice to see that she’s such a hands-on mom. The kids look adorable, Charlene looks comfortable and stylish, and it seems like it was a fun outing. Like I said, I just love these casual sightings, and I hope you enjoy them too. They are great distractions until the next big event!