November 29, 2017

World Rugby Awards Ceremony

Good morning, friends! I know the last few days have been filled with all the heart eyes for Prince Harry and his now-fiancee Meghan Markle, and of course we’ve all been preoccupied with that. How lovely for him to have found his happiness! Now, with all the congratulations and best-wishes out of the way, let’s focus here on our blog’s leading lady: Charlene! She and Albert attended the World Rugby Awards Ceremony in Monte Carlo earlier this week, and Charlene wowed the crowds in a gorgeous recycle of her floor-length, black Gucci gown. (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)


She wore this gown a few years ago, and I have been begging the fashion gods for a recycle. And she did not disappoint! Behold, the first wear:
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Gorgeous, and we get to see the back of the gown in this photo. I love that this gown is backless and fabulous with its strappy-straps. It accentuates Charlene’s killer back and arms to perfection. Back to this week:


See what I mean about her arms? Dynamite.


The gown has a skirt that flutters and flows beautifully, and while I am the first to admit that the gown is certainly “busy,” I wouldn’t accuse it of being distracting.


I, strangely, am not put off by the ruffles or the cinched waist that are happening here, and for me they seem to somehow elevate the dress from simple to dazzling. (Also, that hand-holding action is in full effect!)


Makeup and hair wise, I would say that this styling was exquisite. I love the soft neutrals she chose for her face, while giving her hair some LIFT and waves. It was quite elegant. A berry lip would certainly have worked here, but I’ve been enjoying the pink phase she’s going through right now.


She was glowing, right? I hope you’re all as tickled by this second wear as I was. She has so many amazing gowns, I would love to see them all a second time!


  1. As usual our beloved Charlene is the epitome of elegance, from the top of her head to the tip of her toes! With her statuesque figure she is by far one of the best, if not the best dressed, European royalty. She certainly knows what it takes to look so stunning in an efortless way. Her magnificent eyes are shining, more than a thousand stars, with love for her prince! At last Albert is without a moustache.

  2. She is really mining the depths of her closet this year, which gives me hope that some of my absolute favourites – like the silver Herve Leger gown from last year, or THAT purple Ralph Lauren – will see the light of day again.
    I liked this gown the first time around and I like it this time around. I think it was clever of Charlene to pick a dress with an interesting back considering she had to get up on stage at one point during the ceremony to present an award. The skirt flowed really nicely when she was walking up the stairs (the gown seems to have the tiniest tiny train).
    Most of the ladies at the awards wore black, with the exception of the best female player winner Portia Woodman, who was in a very lovely slinky gold gown. I am no expert, but it seems that black is a significant colour in the world of rugby (they even had a black carpet instead of a red one), so I assume that’s why Charlene decided to wear black as well.

  3. It is the first recycle I see of Charlene. She wore it in Florence in the year 2012.

  4. Simply beautiful.

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