November 19, 2017

Monaco National Day

Happy National Day! As you all know by now, today is one of the most celebrated days in Monaco, and we all look forward to it so much because we are practically guaranteed some exquisite fashion moments. Today was no different, of course, and Charlene didn’t let us down. Would she ever?!
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Princess Charlene pulled from Akris today for the Mass and balcony appearance, wearing a gorgeous blue velvet coat. Embed from Getty Images
First, let me say that blue looks amazing on Charlene, and the velvet takes this coat to another level with its visible texture. That, and the long, simple lines of this coat were quite elegant, oozing a quiet dignity that I appreciated a great deal. All that being said, I do have to admit that this was not my favorite of Charlene’s outfits. Embed from Getty Images
Don’t get me wrong: Charlene looked positively regal, and I don’t think anyone could doubt that the elegance factor was through the roof. But something about this didn’t do it for me. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it was “plain,” because the velvet texturing and the tailoring took care of that. I think for me, it lacked a certain je ne sais quoi, a polished look that I have come to expect from Charlene’s sartorial selections that seemed to be lacking in this coat. Embed from Getty Images
The topper she chose sort of had the same effect on me. I loved it, and it met the sophistication standard that Charlene has set for herself – quite easily at that. But it didn’t have the “wow” factor of last year’s hat. You know? I’m not sure if I’m making any sense at all or if I am just rambling. I suppose understated is better than crazy/daring/edgy for an event like this one, so I can’t be too picky. I may just be tired and cranky, and I’m taking it out on perfectly great fashion. Who knows! Embed from Getty Images
Her heels and earrings are gifts from the fashion gods, though. Holy cow, I love them. Embed from Getty Images
And her makeup surprised me! It was so neutral, and a pink lip is not something we see too often on Charlene. She pulled it off beautifully. It was a good choice – I think anything bolder would have clashed disastrously with the royal blue of the coat. This woman knows the rules of balance. And it was tough to see her hair, but it appeared bright and neat under the hat. Once again: elegance. But more importantly…
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…the twins!!! These two stole the show on the balcony. They both looked a little squinty in the sun, and I only wish the family was allowed sunglasses for this. (I know we – myself included – would all complain at not getting to see their full faces, but dang, I hope nobody got headaches from the direct sunlight.)
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Is anyone else absolutely swooning over Gabriella’s poppy-covered dress? It is everything! Embed from Getty Images
They just get all the heart eyes. Such a sweet family.
Later in the evening was the National Day gala, which was of course attended by the Princely couple: Embed from Getty Images
Charlene wore a floor-length gown with some intricate textural work in the fabric, though we can’t quite see what’s going on it in closely enough to have a full analysis here. The texture of it reminds me so much of the gold dress she wore to the AMREF Gala earlier this year, but like I said, the visibility here is so limited. Embed from Getty Images
I will be frank with you about this long coat: I hate it. Ok, maybe “hate” is a strong word, but I would have greatly advised against it if I had a choice. I can see how I might be a minority in this assessment, but the detailing on it just doesn’t send me, and the weird sleeves bother me something fierce. Last year’s coat may have been so good that none can ever live up to it. If that is the case, so be it. Let’s just say that I would love to see the dress without this coat. Embed from Getty Images
While nothing can ever be perfect, I think we might all agree that this National Day was a beautiful one, and well worth the wait! Perfection never matters anyway, because half the fun is forming the opinions – am I right?? Happy National Day to Monaco and to all of you out there who follow this blog. Sending love and hugs to all of you!



  1. Katie, I agree with you 100% re the blue coat. It is stupendous, but I would have preferred had it been a little more open at the neck, if you can understand what I mean, and Charlene could have worn one of her marvellous colliers. Just one word for the twins: enchanting! As for the coat she wore for the Gala, if you hate it; I cannot stand it! Once she wore a similar short version to visit the maternity hospital in Monaco. Lately we saw her in some out of this world creations, so I expected something in the same range for the National Day. But all in all this National Day was a very beautiful and elegant one.

  2. She looks gorgeous and her family is so cute. I have to agree, I am not fond of the coat and dress combo for the gala. Since last years color was similar, I was wondering if there was any significance to the color choice? Thanks

  3. Katie Coble says:

    Myriam, this reminded me of the maternity ward “coat” too! And Mk, I will definitely look into the significance of the white dress/coat, since it’s definitely a theme that gets carried over from year to year. My initial impulse is to say that she’s wearing white and red (in the sash) to celebrate Monaco…but that seems too easy. I will let you know if I find anything 😉

  4. I really liked the day outfit, perhaps even more than last year’s one (my favourite is still her outfit/hat/make-up/hair from 2013). It felt “lighter” somehow, probably because of the brighter colours. I like the bright pink lipstick with the electric blue – very zingy. Also loved the shape of the hat. Medium-sized brimmed hats worn titled are my favourite.
    I felt like the textures of the evening coat and gown were fighting with each other, and I’d have liked some focal point to her make-up – a stronger eye or a bolder lip. Berry lipstick would have been nice.
    Re: sunglasses, Princess Caroline and her little grandson Sacha wore some, so they don’t seem to be strictly forbidden, but I’m sure the princely couple are mindful of people wanting to see them. At least Charlene had her brimmed hat to shield her a little from the sun!

  5. Well, I a fan of the Princess Charlenne, and I must confess I don´t like always, what she wears, but I must admitt that the blue outfit, looks gorgeous on her. Not only that, but from her expression, I would say, she has assimilated with no doubt her position and her fesonomy speaks for itself, it gaves out regaleness, sobriety, elegance and class.

    I don´t like very much the outfit for the night.

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