November 18, 2017

Tea Time with the Twins

A quick post today because I’m traveling and exhausted – but guys, this one is so cute! Charlene took some photos of a “morning tea” with Monsignor Barsi, and the interactions between him and the twins are just priceless. I couldn’t put off the post even if I tried – it’s irresistible! (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)


Gabriella seems to be wearing the same gorgeous little dress she wore to the gala with Prince Andrew. She is just too much! I love how she went straight for the dessert tray: that’s a girl after my own heart. And Monsignor Barsi seems to have such a genuine joy when he’s around these two, it’s lovely to see. Behold:


Mid-conversation with Prince Jacques. I wish I had been a fly on the wall to hear whatever they were discussing. On a sidenote, I am loving this light salmon-pink with Jacques’ complexion. He’s just so handsome. With his mother’s good looks and her fashion savvy, he will be one good looking young man some day.


But seriously, THIS LOOK from Gabby. I mean! She gets me every time. They are such sweet little children and it’s lovely to see their parents including them in National Day as much as possible.

Charlene was also in attendance (obviously), but the photos of interest here are of the twins. So I’ll leave you with that! Have a lovely Saturday evening, everyone!

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