November 17, 2017

Red Cross Gifts Ceremony

As you all know by now, National Day is coming up this weekend, and Monaco is in full-swing preparation mode. In anticipation of the big day, the Red Cross held a gift-giving ceremony at a local nursing home, and of course, Prince Albert and Princess Charlene participated. (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)


The princely pair distributed gifts to the elderly, and they seemed to quite enjoy their interactions with these residents.


I’m always so stricken by how well Charlene interacts with the elderly in particular. She seems relaxed and very much in her element…but then the same can be said for when she’s around children or around water, so perhaps she’s just a very happy and calm person!


Our princess chose a black pantsuit by Akris, and it was ultra-flattering on her. Not only is black an amazing color on Charlene with her skintone and bright hair, but this particular suit is sleek and streamlined, which accentuates her tall figure effortlessly. And I LOVE the wide leg!!


She arrived wearing this gorgeous cape, too, and y’all know I love these capes on Charlene. So elegant!


She used bright red on her lips and nails to offset the black, and it was particularly gorgeous. The earrings and jewelry were simple, the hair was soft, and the combination with the sleek pantsuit made the entire ensemble quite elegant.


I don’t know about the rest of you, but I can’t wait for National Day in it’s glorious entirety! I’ve been so enjoying this busy week for Monaco’s princely family, it is such a joy to see them celebrate. Until the next!


  1. I agree that Charlene is always so sweet with people. She greets everybody as if they were her oldest and dearest friend, which is very endearing IMO.
    She looks really elegant in this ensemble. I think it’s a head-to-toe repeat, which would be a first, because she normally has a whole new wardrobe made for the National Day. I think she wore the jumpsuit for the first time in March for the Charity Mile race with a little jacket with horses on it, and then with the cape in May for the Champions’ League semi-final match that AS Monaco lost (remember Albert jumping up and down in the royal box?).
    I am really intrigued by the texture of her lipstick. It almost looks like varnish for your lips. Love the colour, strong lipstick always lights up Charlene’s face.
    (BTW I think the event actually took place in the Monaco Town Hall, that’s where the gift distribution before the National Day traditionally takes place).

  2. Katie Coble says:

    V., you are completely right that this is a totally recycled ensemble. It’s a bit surprising, but also quite nice to see royals these days re-wearing their favorite clothing. I love how Kate gives us repeats (and three-peats sometimes!), and Charlene is the same way. This suit must be super comfy 😉 The lipstick might very well be a high-quality gloss-style lip color, because you’re right, it does have a different texture to it. Good eye!

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