November 16, 2017

Kindergarten Visit for the Princely Family

What a joy it is to see the princely twins so much this week! I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve certainly been soaking up all the cuteness. We don’t usually get this many kid-centered posts all in a row – perhaps a sign of things to come as the kids are getting older? Wishful thinking on my part, perhaps, but who knows! (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)


Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella joined their parents for a visit to a Monégasque kindergarten this week. I don’t think it was a scouting mission to find a kindergarten for them – not yet, anyway, they’re only just under 3 years old – but perhaps it was the start of getting them into the school-like environment. Preschool age is almost upon them, so getting them familiar with the lay of the land wouldn’t be a bad idea.


Gabriella seemed to take to the toys and equipment immediately. She seems quite engaged and present – contemplative, even – wherever she finds herself. I quite enjoy her expressions, they always seem beyond her years somehow!


Jacques, meanwhile, appeared on the sleepy side, or perhaps he was just feeling a little clingy to mom. Totally understandable, and another good reason to show him these types of environment early on, before he really has to deal with them.


But he eventually took to it, maybe just seeing his sister having fun was enough of a nudge!


There’s nothing too noteworthy about the fashion, except to say that Charlene looked simple, elegant, and quite appropriate for the occasion. I love when she combines black and white, the contrast is quite striking for her.


My favorite moment has to be this one, though: caught snapping her own photos of the kids! She’s just like the rest of us moms, only she has a better camera. And almost always better shoes. But this photo also showcases her lovely hair here, which is so on-point. I love the soft styling.

In other news that is completely unrelated to the kids, Albert and Charlene hosted the Monaco-South African Rugby team at the palace. They will be competing in the 7th Rugby Tournament in just a couple weeks.


Dude on the left seems to have missed the memo that it was a gray-blazers-only affair. Kidding of course! Personally, I don’t love how everyone was matchy-matchy (I get it for the team, but Charlene and Albert too?) but it’s certainly not worth nitpicking. It was really nice to see them supporting the team and honoring them before the tournament.

Until the next time, have a great week!


  1. Charlene wears sharp tailoring really well, doesn’t she? I even like her little grey jacket, though I wish the trousers were cropped at the ankle. I wonder if the double-breasted black jacket is the same one she wore with the leather pants in the US last month? It looks very similar, but I am not sure. The lapels on this one might be narrower?
    Agree about her hair and she also seems to be wearing lovely reddish lipstick.
    The twins are lovely and it’s so nice of Albert and Charlene to bring them along for an engagement. From what I understand this was the opening of a micro-kindergarten (though it looks to me more like a daycare, really) in one of the blocks of flats in Monaco. Micro because there isn’t much space, and it does look quite cramped even in photos. I guess in such a small city/country every square metre must be put to good use!
    I think the twins will be transitioning into proper kindergarten about now, or have already transitioned. As far as I know children in France typically start school at two or three at “école maternelle” and then when they are six move on to the primary school. Monaco follows the same system, so I would expect the twins to already have started.

  2. Charlene and Albert are doing an excellent job, that of gradually taking them with them on certain public engagements – where they know that the twins will be at ease. In this way they will be slowly and gently get accustomed to what will be expected of them later on in life. I was very glad to note that Gabriella is no longer afraid, when she sees people around her. I think that her change in attitude is all thanks to Charlene. As usual Charlene was her usual elegant self. I am really looking forward to the National Day, especially seeing the twins once more. I can never have enough of seeing them!

  3. Katie Coble says:

    V., you make such a good point about l’école maternelle – I totally neglected to remember how different the French schooling system is! By U.S. standards they wouldn’t be in school yet; however, I think you are correct that Monaco probably follows with l’école maternelle. My guess is that they didn’t go to crèche in their early years, and they are probably just about to start (or like you said, may have already started) what we might call “preschool.” I’m so grateful you reminded me of this, thank you!

  4. Katie Coble says:

    Neither can I, Myriam – they’re too cute! And yes, the gradual exposure seems to have made all the difference for the kids. They’ve given them a chance to evolve gracefully into it, while not expecting too much from them in these early years. “Gentle” is definitely a good word for it. See you on or near National Day!

  5. Katie, different educational systems can be so confusing. It seems so bizarre to me to see tiny George Cambridge already going to “proper” school, because I’m used to four-year-olds still being in preschool. BTW, the twins HAVE actually gone to crèche a couple times a week since they were about a year old, I think, which I only know because I religiously follow Albert’s regular twins updates in the People magazine 😉 At the time it seemed to me to be awfully early to be sending them to daycare (especially since it’s not like Albert and Charlene can’t afford childcare), but I think that their parents are very keen on socialising them early so they are not isolated in the palace.

  6. Katie Coble says:

    Ah, how interesting, V.! Thank you for the insight. I thought they wouldn’t have done the crèche simply because of their status and interest in privacy, but it’s kind of nice that their parents wanted to have them be comfortable with their peers. It will be particularly useful to them later in life. And since, like you say, different educational systems are hard to keep track of, it’s hard to remember that the crèche is pretty different from American-style daycare. Once again, thank you for your input and extra knowledge, I thoroughly appreciate it!! :)

  7. Thanks for saying that, Katie. For some reason I usually remember this sort of minutiae instead of stuff I *should* be remembering 😉

  8. I love that they hold hands in public. As always she looks beautiful and the children are soooo cute!

  9. Thank you, Katie, for all the lovely recent posts. And don’t you think the little jacket princess Gabriella wore for the visit to the kindergarten is just too gorgeous!

  10. Katie Coble says:

    Karin and MK – I agree with both of you! The whole family is just too cute!

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