November 10, 2017

Prince Andrew in Monaco

Good evening, all! Tonight’s post has a shortage of photos, but an abundance of cuteness. Prince Andrew was in Monaco this week for the Outward Bound Association, a British organization for young people, currently headed by Prince Andrew. While there was but ONE photo released that included Charlene and the twins, that one photo is everything. (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)


The family hosted a fundraising gala for Outward Bound at the Princely Palace, and the whole crew showed up. Charlene looked gorgeous! I absolutely love black on her, and I love bateau necklines. I wish we got some other shots of this dress, because I want to see all the details from different angles. Like the ties over the shoulders – I don’t think I like them. Do you? It’s definitely a home-run gown and I’m not complaining, but I sort of want to rip off the ties. Her makeup and hair were elegant and appropriate for the event, and red lips with a black dress is always a winning combination.


But let’s be real: the stars of this photo were the twins. I mean! Gabriella’s face: it’s just begging for the caption, “You want me to stay up HOW long after bedtime??” And Jacques eyes were probably only closed because he was blinking…but I like to think he was starting to doze off mid-walk. Ha. I love Gabriella’s dress, and the fact that she wore a little poppy in her hair. So precious.

And this is completely unrelated, but Charlene took and shared this photo today, and it’s pretty darn cute:


Jacques!! Enjoying time in a police boat. I love that hypnotic-blue, choppy water, Monaco in the distance, and the little prince front-and-center. And I’m still in love with his long hair, it’s divine!

For those of you so sweet to wish me well with my sick kiddo – thank you for the thoughts! Amazingly, we got through that family gathering – plane rides and all – in one piece, toting antibiotics along the way. The sickness abated eventually, and now a new one has unfortunately taken its place. LOL! Keep sending your well-wishes as much as you like, I can always use them!


  1. Oh dear, when it rains it pours, doesn’t it? Hope your kid gets better soon!
    Charlene looks lovely. The silhouette of the dress is very graceful, and I like what I can see of her hair and make-up. It’s all very elegant and understated and a bit on the boring side. But then she’s worn quite a few pretty dramatic (for her) outfits lately, so maybe she needs a bit of a palate cleanser.
    I love the white-and-gold fabric of Gabriella’s dress. I could totally see it in a ball gown form for an adult princess. And Jacques looks like a miniature fairytale prince with his flowing locks, love the photo of him on the boat. So focused!

  2. Katie I hope that your kid is better.If yes this means that her mum is feeling much better too! For once I am just going to comment briefly on Charlene. The simplicity of her dress made her stand out and as usual she outshone everybody. Her gorgeous cherubs are something out of this world! Gabriella looked like an angel ready to take her place in a Christmas Crib. She reminded me of one of the angels that you find in a Botticelli painting. As to Jacques he reminded me of Little Lord Fauntleroy. Looking at them make you want to hug and shower them with kisses!

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