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November 29, 2017

World Rugby Awards Ceremony

Good morning, friends! I know the last few days have been filled with all the heart eyes for Prince Harry and his now-fiancee Meghan Markle, and of course we’ve all been preoccupied with that. How lovely for him to have found his happiness! Now, with all the congratulations and best-wishes out of the way, let’s focus here on our blog’s leading lady: Charlene! She and Albert attended the World Rugby Awards Ceremony in Monte Carlo earlier this week, and Charlene wowed the crowds in a gorgeous recycle of her floor-length, black Gucci gown. (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)


She wore this gown a few years ago, and I have been begging the fashion gods for a recycle. And she did not disappoint! Behold, the first wear:
Embed from Getty Images
Gorgeous, and we get to see the back of the gown in this photo. I love that this gown is backless and fabulous with its strappy-straps. It accentuates Charlene’s killer back and arms to perfection. Back to this week:


See what I mean about her arms? Dynamite.


The gown has a skirt that flutters and flows beautifully, and while I am the first to admit that the gown is certainly “busy,” I wouldn’t accuse it of being distracting.


I, strangely, am not put off by the ruffles or the cinched waist that are happening here, and for me they seem to somehow elevate the dress from simple to dazzling. (Also, that hand-holding action is in full effect!)


Makeup and hair wise, I would say that this styling was exquisite. I love the soft neutrals she chose for her face, while giving her hair some LIFT and waves. It was quite elegant. A berry lip would certainly have worked here, but I’ve been enjoying the pink phase she’s going through right now.


She was glowing, right? I hope you’re all as tickled by this second wear as I was. She has so many amazing gowns, I would love to see them all a second time!

November 19, 2017

Monaco National Day

Happy National Day! As you all know by now, today is one of the most celebrated days in Monaco, and we all look forward to it so much because we are practically guaranteed some exquisite fashion moments. Today was no different, of course, and Charlene didn’t let us down. Would she ever?!
Embed from Getty Images
Princess Charlene pulled from Akris today for the Mass and balcony appearance, wearing a gorgeous blue velvet coat. Embed from Getty Images
First, let me say that blue looks amazing on Charlene, and the velvet takes this coat to another level with its visible texture. That, and the long, simple lines of this coat were quite elegant, oozing a quiet dignity that I appreciated a great deal. All that being said, I do have to admit that this was not my favorite of Charlene’s outfits. Embed from Getty Images
Don’t get me wrong: Charlene looked positively regal, and I don’t think anyone could doubt that the elegance factor was through the roof. But something about this didn’t do it for me. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it was “plain,” because the velvet texturing and the tailoring took care of that. I think for me, it lacked a certain je ne sais quoi, a polished look that I have come to expect from Charlene’s sartorial selections that seemed to be lacking in this coat. Embed from Getty Images
The topper she chose sort of had the same effect on me. I loved it, and it met the sophistication standard that Charlene has set for herself – quite easily at that. But it didn’t have the “wow” factor of last year’s hat. You know? I’m not sure if I’m making any sense at all or if I am just rambling. I suppose understated is better than crazy/daring/edgy for an event like this one, so I can’t be too picky. I may just be tired and cranky, and I’m taking it out on perfectly great fashion. Who knows! Embed from Getty Images
Her heels and earrings are gifts from the fashion gods, though. Holy cow, I love them. Embed from Getty Images
And her makeup surprised me! It was so neutral, and a pink lip is not something we see too often on Charlene. She pulled it off beautifully. It was a good choice – I think anything bolder would have clashed disastrously with the royal blue of the coat. This woman knows the rules of balance. And it was tough to see her hair, but it appeared bright and neat under the hat. Once again: elegance. But more importantly…
Embed from Getty Images
…the twins!!! These two stole the show on the balcony. They both looked a little squinty in the sun, and I only wish the family was allowed sunglasses for this. (I know we – myself included – would all complain at not getting to see their full faces, but dang, I hope nobody got headaches from the direct sunlight.)
Embed from Getty Images
Is anyone else absolutely swooning over Gabriella’s poppy-covered dress? It is everything! Embed from Getty Images
They just get all the heart eyes. Such a sweet family.
Later in the evening was the National Day gala, which was of course attended by the Princely couple: Embed from Getty Images
Charlene wore a floor-length gown with some intricate textural work in the fabric, though we can’t quite see what’s going on it in closely enough to have a full analysis here. The texture of it reminds me so much of the gold dress she wore to the AMREF Gala earlier this year, but like I said, the visibility here is so limited. Embed from Getty Images
I will be frank with you about this long coat: I hate it. Ok, maybe “hate” is a strong word, but I would have greatly advised against it if I had a choice. I can see how I might be a minority in this assessment, but the detailing on it just doesn’t send me, and the weird sleeves bother me something fierce. Last year’s coat may have been so good that none can ever live up to it. If that is the case, so be it. Let’s just say that I would love to see the dress without this coat. Embed from Getty Images
While nothing can ever be perfect, I think we might all agree that this National Day was a beautiful one, and well worth the wait! Perfection never matters anyway, because half the fun is forming the opinions – am I right?? Happy National Day to Monaco and to all of you out there who follow this blog. Sending love and hugs to all of you!


November 18, 2017

Tea Time with the Twins

A quick post today because I’m traveling and exhausted – but guys, this one is so cute! Charlene took some photos of a “morning tea” with Monsignor Barsi, and the interactions between him and the twins are just priceless. I couldn’t put off the post even if I tried – it’s irresistible! (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)


Gabriella seems to be wearing the same gorgeous little dress she wore to the gala with Prince Andrew. She is just too much! I love how she went straight for the dessert tray: that’s a girl after my own heart. And Monsignor Barsi seems to have such a genuine joy when he’s around these two, it’s lovely to see. Behold:


Mid-conversation with Prince Jacques. I wish I had been a fly on the wall to hear whatever they were discussing. On a sidenote, I am loving this light salmon-pink with Jacques’ complexion. He’s just so handsome. With his mother’s good looks and her fashion savvy, he will be one good looking young man some day.


But seriously, THIS LOOK from Gabby. I mean! She gets me every time. They are such sweet little children and it’s lovely to see their parents including them in National Day as much as possible.

Charlene was also in attendance (obviously), but the photos of interest here are of the twins. So I’ll leave you with that! Have a lovely Saturday evening, everyone!

November 17, 2017

Red Cross Gifts Ceremony

As you all know by now, National Day is coming up this weekend, and Monaco is in full-swing preparation mode. In anticipation of the big day, the Red Cross held a gift-giving ceremony at a local nursing home, and of course, Prince Albert and Princess Charlene participated. (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)


The princely pair distributed gifts to the elderly, and they seemed to quite enjoy their interactions with these residents.


I’m always so stricken by how well Charlene interacts with the elderly in particular. She seems relaxed and very much in her element…but then the same can be said for when she’s around children or around water, so perhaps she’s just a very happy and calm person!


Our princess chose a black pantsuit by Akris, and it was ultra-flattering on her. Not only is black an amazing color on Charlene with her skintone and bright hair, but this particular suit is sleek and streamlined, which accentuates her tall figure effortlessly. And I LOVE the wide leg!!


She arrived wearing this gorgeous cape, too, and y’all know I love these capes on Charlene. So elegant!


She used bright red on her lips and nails to offset the black, and it was particularly gorgeous. The earrings and jewelry were simple, the hair was soft, and the combination with the sleek pantsuit made the entire ensemble quite elegant.


I don’t know about the rest of you, but I can’t wait for National Day in it’s glorious entirety! I’ve been so enjoying this busy week for Monaco’s princely family, it is such a joy to see them celebrate. Until the next!

November 16, 2017

Kindergarten Visit for the Princely Family

What a joy it is to see the princely twins so much this week! I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve certainly been soaking up all the cuteness. We don’t usually get this many kid-centered posts all in a row – perhaps a sign of things to come as the kids are getting older? Wishful thinking on my part, perhaps, but who knows! (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)


Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella joined their parents for a visit to a Monégasque kindergarten this week. I don’t think it was a scouting mission to find a kindergarten for them – not yet, anyway, they’re only just under 3 years old – but perhaps it was the start of getting them into the school-like environment. Preschool age is almost upon them, so getting them familiar with the lay of the land wouldn’t be a bad idea.


Gabriella seemed to take to the toys and equipment immediately. She seems quite engaged and present – contemplative, even – wherever she finds herself. I quite enjoy her expressions, they always seem beyond her years somehow!


Jacques, meanwhile, appeared on the sleepy side, or perhaps he was just feeling a little clingy to mom. Totally understandable, and another good reason to show him these types of environment early on, before he really has to deal with them.


But he eventually took to it, maybe just seeing his sister having fun was enough of a nudge!


There’s nothing too noteworthy about the fashion, except to say that Charlene looked simple, elegant, and quite appropriate for the occasion. I love when she combines black and white, the contrast is quite striking for her.


My favorite moment has to be this one, though: caught snapping her own photos of the kids! She’s just like the rest of us moms, only she has a better camera. And almost always better shoes. But this photo also showcases her lovely hair here, which is so on-point. I love the soft styling.

In other news that is completely unrelated to the kids, Albert and Charlene hosted the Monaco-South African Rugby team at the palace. They will be competing in the 7th Rugby Tournament in just a couple weeks.


Dude on the left seems to have missed the memo that it was a gray-blazers-only affair. Kidding of course! Personally, I don’t love how everyone was matchy-matchy (I get it for the team, but Charlene and Albert too?) but it’s certainly not worth nitpicking. It was really nice to see them supporting the team and honoring them before the tournament.

Until the next time, have a great week!

November 14, 2017

Haircut for Prince Jacques!

Well, we’ve been waiting for it…


…and here it is!!! Princess Charlene posted these absolutely adorable photos last night of – yes – Prince Jacques’ first haircut. Perhaps Gabriella’s too, but Jacques hair looks the most significantly different. (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)


I was so sure this would be happening soon, which is why I’ve spent generous time in recent posts just gushing over the little prince’s formerly-long locks. There is something about boys with curly hair…somehow, that seems to be the most emotionally-charged haircut, at least for most of the parents in my circle.


But even though this was probably a tough milestone for his proud mama, look how handsome little Jacques is. Correction – they’re not so little anymore! These two tykes will be three years old in less than a month, and I think we’re all going to be relishing the last “toddler” days while they last. I am so grateful that Charlene gave us a little window into this private milestone. Sidenote: who else is swooning over these haircut hugs?

Sending love to these sweet babes and their parents, and for all you dear readers too, of course! Happy haircuts!

November 10, 2017

Prince Andrew in Monaco

Good evening, all! Tonight’s post has a shortage of photos, but an abundance of cuteness. Prince Andrew was in Monaco this week for the Outward Bound Association, a British organization for young people, currently headed by Prince Andrew. While there was but ONE photo released that included Charlene and the twins, that one photo is everything. (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)


The family hosted a fundraising gala for Outward Bound at the Princely Palace, and the whole crew showed up. Charlene looked gorgeous! I absolutely love black on her, and I love bateau necklines. I wish we got some other shots of this dress, because I want to see all the details from different angles. Like the ties over the shoulders – I don’t think I like them. Do you? It’s definitely a home-run gown and I’m not complaining, but I sort of want to rip off the ties. Her makeup and hair were elegant and appropriate for the event, and red lips with a black dress is always a winning combination.


But let’s be real: the stars of this photo were the twins. I mean! Gabriella’s face: it’s just begging for the caption, “You want me to stay up HOW long after bedtime??” And Jacques eyes were probably only closed because he was blinking…but I like to think he was starting to doze off mid-walk. Ha. I love Gabriella’s dress, and the fact that she wore a little poppy in her hair. So precious.

And this is completely unrelated, but Charlene took and shared this photo today, and it’s pretty darn cute:


Jacques!! Enjoying time in a police boat. I love that hypnotic-blue, choppy water, Monaco in the distance, and the little prince front-and-center. And I’m still in love with his long hair, it’s divine!

For those of you so sweet to wish me well with my sick kiddo – thank you for the thoughts! Amazingly, we got through that family gathering – plane rides and all – in one piece, toting antibiotics along the way. The sickness abated eventually, and now a new one has unfortunately taken its place. LOL! Keep sending your well-wishes as much as you like, I can always use them!