October 26, 2017

Princess Grace Awards Gala 2017

Glad to see you all again so soon, dear readers! You all know that Charlene and Albert are in the USA, and last night they sparkled like pixie dust at the Princess Grace Awards Gala.
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Charlene wore an absolutely stunning, off-the-shoulder, glimmering fuchsia gown, which at first I thought was Dior for sure. This event is almost always a place where she pulls from Dior; however, Charlene surprised me (and probably a lot of people) by wearing Ralph Lauren!
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I love this gown. The neckline is supremely romantic, the glimmer makes her shine above the rest, and the way the gown accentuates her figure is just breathtaking. I’m pretty sure this would have put me into a state of cardiac arrest if it were just a shade darker, like a wine or a nice fall aubergine. That would have made this even better, but I do love the fuchsia. The glittery quality of the gown makes me think this is sequins, but it might be something else. All I know is that I love it.
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I think the neckline in particular is what sells me. I’m a fool for off-the-shoulder, and this one has an almost sweetheart décolletage that just screams princess to me.
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I also love how this is so streamlined, but there is a lot going on at the same time. It is a perfect balance of wow-factor and sustained elegance…just like Charlene herself. Ha! I love when that happens!
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Now let’s talk about her makeup. I don’t think I’ve seen a cat-eye on Charlene in the longest time, and I am so glad she pulled this out of her bag of tricks (just in time for Halloween!), because her facial structure suits it SO well. It wasn’t subtle here, which is just fine for a cat-eye because it’s meant to be noticeable and dramatic. And dramatic it certainly was.
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I was also completely bowled over by her hair – this volume she gets is amazing! I love how this hairstyle is in such stark contrast to her look at the kick-off event, where she wore it more matted down. I can appreciate both looks…but I tend to favor this one.
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I can’t let you go without mentioning the diamond studs again. Once again, she could have gone long with the earrings, but chose to keep it elegant and dazzling at the same time. This worked very well with the dress, and I think that while she could have gone with bigger earrings, they would have been too much. The studs were the right choice here, and even though they were studs, they certainly did not lack in their own dramatic effect. Simply gorgeous.
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Alright, I have to leave you early today because I’m heading off to a family wedding this weekend…complete with a sick child in tow. What would a family vacation be without a sick child? Ha. I make jokes so that I can make it through without collapsing. But at least I have some good fashion to look at, right?


  1. Katie, I do not know if you agree, but this stupendos gown reminded of another not less stupendous one. The one Charlene wore for the christening of thecruise ship the Seven Seas Explorer. Of course both the colour and the neckline are totally different. But just the same the moment I saw it, immediately the other one came to my mind. Only someone with her carriage and figure can carry such a creation! If I had to criticize something, is that I think that she is not allowing herself to grow older gracefully and naturally. It shows up in some photos and I think that it is a pity seeing that she is so beautiful. What do you think? Otherwise she is tops in every way.

  2. First of all, I hope your child gets better soon, Katie. ‘Tis the season for colds and sniffles and it’s THE WORST.
    Myriam, I had the exact same association as you did with the silver Herve Leger dress Charlene wore to the ship christening last year. It had the same supple, luxurious feel to it as this one. I really loved that gown BTW, wish we’d see it again…
    Back to this ensemble, I think the eye make-up was the first thing that struck me about this look. This smoky cat eye hybrid is perfection on her and she should wear it all the time. The dress colour is very intriguing. Some people say it’s a berry shade or even purple, I see a sort of muted hot pink. If hot pink can be “muted”! Whatever it is, it works really well with Charlene’s colouring, and of course this simple form-fitting cut is divine on her.
    I think many people (myself included) assumed that Charlene is “obliged” to wear Dior to the PGA gala because they’re sponsoring the event, but that’s luckily not the case, which allows for some variety. Ralph Lauren and Charlene have always been a good match and I am so happy that they found each other again 😉
    As a side-note, have you seen in other photos that Charlene and Albert met Buzz Aldrin at this event? How cool is that?! And I though her bowing to the photographers at the end of the photocall was such a sweet gesture :-)

  3. Katie Coble says:

    Hi Myriam and V., yes, this gown reminded me too of the silver goddess gown (as I like to think of it!). I love how she isn’t afraid to wear gowns that ooze with drama, like these. Very good eye to make the connection between them!

  4. I keep on going back to this posting as I just cannot get enough of this princess of ours in that amazing gown – pixie dust indeed! She must be such a delight to her couturiers to dress as her tall, regal bearing shows off their creations to perfection. And I could wax lyrical, as you have done, about the hair, the make-up, and all the rest. Could you pse let me know when you posted the pics of the ‘silver goddess gown’ Charlene wore for the christening of the cruise ship the Seven Seas Explorer. I would love to have another look at that one and just cannot seem to find it. Thank you very much.

  5. She looks gorgeous!

  6. Katie Coble says:

    Hi Karin! Here is the link to the post on the silver goddess gown: http://princesscharleneofmonaco.com/2016/07/16/extremes-for-princess-charlene-glamorous-ship-christening-and-mourning-for-nice/

    Gorgeous, isn’t it?!?

  7. Hi Katie, thank you, it most certainly is gorgeous, although I like the fuchsia gown even more – the neckline is very flattering. Reminds me a bit of the neckline of her wedding gown, certainly suits her, with that beautiful long neck. One of my all-time favorites is still the incredible gown she wore in July last year to the 68th Red Cross Gala. She looked breath-taking. But then again, she often does take our breaths away, doesn’t she!

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