October 25, 2017

Kick-Off Event for Princess Grace Awards

This one is for all of you in Los Angeles, because Princess Charlene is there with you! Yesterday, Charlene attended the Princess Grace Awards Gala kick-off event in L.A., wearing what was probably THE hottest outfit of the night and somehow making it elegant. I am in heaven. (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)


You all know Charlene has an edge in her fashion. And yesterday, she took that edge with her into the city of angels and strutted into the gala in jaw-dropping black leather pants, black heels, a form-fitted, strapless top and a black blazer.


I’m going to get my one little criticism out of the way: I don’t love the blazer. This lady has the most amazing figure and doesn’t need to cover it up. Maybe she did because there were kiddos present? That’s a theory, but it doesn’t sit well with me because these kids are Californians growing up in L.A.. They’ve seen skin. Maybe because she figures that unless it’s an evening gown, the strapless look isn’t appropriate for a royal? I don’t know. But I don’t love it – even though there’s actually nothing wrong with it and it does look good. (Would I be placated if she had worn it with the sleeves, instead of just over her shoulders? Something tells me that might have helped.)


But let’s get back to all the tremendous good there is here. A couple posts ago, regarding fashion week in Milano, Melina commented that Charlene is magnifique for being so brazenly unapologetic when it comes to her fashion edge, and I feel like this outfit is a perfect example. The skin-tight leather pants and the strapless top require confidence. Sometimes, I see beautiful friends of mine who have these amazing curves, and all they do is just cover them up. I prefer this, someone who loves what she has and isn’t afraid to show it.

Par example:


See what I mean? WERK. That strapless top is no joke gorgeous, and the woman wearing it is owning the entire look like a queen. (Or a princess, you could say.)


I must take a moment to say that there is a certain quality Charlene brings to this outfit that elevates it. For example, if I wore this, I would look absolutely gorgeous (that’s self-love right there!), but it would not have the same polished elegance to it. That, for me, is what makes this magnifique. She has taken an undeniably hot outfit and refined it, much like those celebrity chefs on TV always talk about “elevating” a dish that’s good to begin with. The lines here are clean and long, gleaming with both attitude and sophistication. I think Charlene has come a long way, forging her own fashion identity while elevating it to a royal standard.


I can’t leave without mentioning these earrings. Heaven, guys. My heaven would have diamonds all over it. I feel like dangly earrings would have worked too, but I do love the look of studs with such fierce décolletage. And she went neutral for makeup, which brought the ensemble a flair of casual. A lovely choice.

And this is in no way related, but…


…just before the gala, Charlene was all the way in South Africa meeting with the mayor. There have been increased drowning deaths there lately, and Charlene wasted no time jetting down to discuss the problem and help find some solutions. Water safety first, always. Which means that she probably went from there to L.A., and that must mean some serious jet-lag for Charlene. So if anyone out there thinks that she looks a tad sleepy, be easy on her – hopefully this adds some clarity to the situation!


  1. I believe Charlene was actually in SA at the beginning of October. I’m almost sure I saw a mention on Twitter and/or Instagram back then. I guess they are publicizing the meeting now when the water-safety programme is actually launching? But regardless of whether she flew in from Cape Town or Nice, I am amazed she’s able to stay vertical. I looked up the flight time from Nice to LA out of curiosity and it’s apparently 12 hrs 40 minutes! Albert is going to be a regular zombie at the awards gala, as on the 24th he and his ‘tache were still in Monaco attending an event. Charlene must have gone to the US ahead of him to take care of things.
    I really love how clean and streamlined this outfit is. It feels very old-school Charlene (remember her outfit from the pre-wedding concert?), so much so that when I first saw a snap on Instagram this morning I assumed it must be an old picture I haven’t seen before (the fact that she had this exact hairstyle in 2012/2013 added to the confusion). I really like the menswear inspiration in the pattern of the bustier and the jacket. I think adding the tailored jacket was just a styling choice (and possibly a precaution against AC) and while I think it looks cool “caped”, I can’t help wondering how uncomfortable it must be. You basically can’t use your hands when you wear a jacket that way. But then perhaps princesses don’t need to use their hands much 😉
    I agree with everything you said about Charlene’s confidence. If the wearer is comfortable in their skin, clothes immediately look better on them. It’s not the clothes as much as how you wear them, and boy can Charlene wear them!

  2. I love her outfit. I think she may have worn the bustier
    before but I’m not sure. She always looks gorgeous!!

  3. Something lost in translation here: South Africa is a country & does not have a mayor. Cape Town, our most southerly & glamourous coastal city on the other hand, does have a mayor namely Patricia de Lille, who is featured in the above photo with Charlene.

  4. Katie Coble says:

    Hi Thea – you are so correct! I was writing fast and have a sick child at home, so I neglected to re-read my last sentences there. LOL, yes, the mayor would be of Cape Town! As a side note, I have to tell you that I love your name: my mother shares it :) Were you also originally a Theano, shortened to Thea? It is so unusual to find others out there with this name, I just had to ask!

  5. Hi Katie, my full name is Dorothea, Greek for “gift from God”. As a child I hated it, thought it such an old fashioned name! Plus people tended to shorten it to Dorothy or Dot/Dottie. Some people even called me Theodora. Ugh! These days I am comfortable with my name & its correct short version, Thea. I really enjoy your blogs about Charlene. We are very proud of our very own royal South African princess! Most other publications show her looking “sad”, inviting all sorts of unkind comments. You seem to find photos of her smiling, relaxed, happy & natural. Well done!

  6. Katie Coble says:

    Thank you Thea! I would certainly agree that Thea is the optimal choice for shortening Dorothea. My mother’s original name, Theano, is also Greek (as is she!) meaning “divine” or “goddess.” Though she does have a lot of issues with people pronouncing it correctly…! It is quite an unusual name where we live, so we have to explain a LOT.

    Thank you for your kind words about our space here. I think most of those other publications actually seek out the bad-looking photos on purpose. Most of the ones I find are quite lovely, and I only occasionally find the ones that end up splashed all over the web. She is a beautiful, warmhearted woman and I’m so glad we have a kind community here!

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