October 2, 2017

Albert and Charlene at Global Ocean Gala

Oh, friends, this past week was a good one for Charlene. She and Albert were at the Monte Carlo Global Ocean Gala, where Charlene stunned in a breathtaking Versace evening gown. The gala itself honored Leonardo DiCaprio, and was supported by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. It was a star-studded event, but nobody outshone Charlene – as usual.
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This gown, you guys. Charlene looked like a sea nymph on the crest of a wave. Ok, that might be a little dramatic, but with the deep navy hue of the gown, the wispy, full skirt, and the shimmering gold detail of the bodice, it just screamed mermaid to me. But not Disney mermaid; rather, sea-goddess mermaid.
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Let’s talk for a minute about this amazing skirt. I mean!!! The floaty material just seemed to billow around Charlene with every step she took, and it has a slit on the side that goes on for days. You actually can’t see the slit in most of the photos, which I appreciate, but when she strides away from the camera – BAM.
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Just as a side note, I love that the skirt had a sheer layer above the slit, so it wouldn’t just be a nude leg sticking out. Had it not been there, the nude leg would have really detracted from the delicate, soft effect that the skirt is emanating here.
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I am also a huge fan of this bodice. I can see where people may find it too rigid; however, I actually enjoy the structure of it – particularly the dropped waistline. It seems to offset the whimsical skirt and bring a serious flavor to the occasion – particularly, that the gown is adorning a princess. As for the geometrical design, I can once again see how this would not be everyone’s favorite, but I thought the metallic zing of the coloring made it work perfectly. The entire gown was a perfect mix of so many different stylistic elements, and for this one glorious moment they worked together in harmony.
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As for her makeup, Charlene went neutral, which I think was a good choice with the gown. At first, I wanted to see a bright red lip, but imagine that with the navy – it would have been awful! There’s so much going on with the gown itself that neutral was a good choice, and it was particularly conducive to the sea-nymph look. Very fresh, very natural, and she took the same route with her hair: smooth, sleek, and understated. It worked here.
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The only thing that somewhat disappointed me were the earrings. Don’t get me wrong, these are some heavy diamond studs she has here, and those are never a bad choice. But wouldn’t this neckline have just been superb with larger earrings? It may have just been difficult to get the coloring right with the gown, and nobody can fault her for that. Better to go smaller and match than to go big and have the whole look flop. (You all know I’m thinking of that cross necklace from earlier this year. I still wake up with nightmares about that one.) But I would so loved to have seen something more dramatic, if possible, to adorn her neckline. Siiiiigh.
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My complaints are very, very few, as you can see. From where I sit, this is a home-run from start to finish. An elegant princess for an elegant night.
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But WHEN will Albert shave off that moustache already?! (Kidding!)


  1. Katie, Take a large cocktail shaker and put in a fairy, a mermaid and a couple of stars. Give it a good shake and out comes our beloved Charlene. When you look at her immediately you think that one of the fairies that we used to read about has come to life. Only someone with her carriage and poise can carry such a magnificient creation and look so regal. Albert must have been so proud of her. The way he looks at her says it all. What do you think?

  2. Katie Coble says:

    Myriam, I completely agree – and I love your metaphor with the cocktail shaker! Beautiful imagery :)

  3. I like it. It’s a bit McQueen-ish, isn’t it? And I think this is the first time I’ve seen a slit in a full skirt that actually works.

  4. Katie Coble says:

    V., I had never even thought about McQueen until you said this – you’re right, it has that same flavor to it! The high elegance and exquisite structure give it that McQueen gravity, which any royal watcher can appreciate. Good eye!!

  5. I think it was the embroidery that first made me think of McQueen. I am sure I’ve seen a similar design – embroidered bodice and plain skirt – on one or two of their gowns. Plus the corset – the structured shape even resembles the top of the Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding dress a bit. Maybe one of these days Charlene will try something from McQueen, though I think most of their designs would be a bit too “fussy” for her (for want of a better word).

  6. Katie Coble says:

    I agree, V. – I would love to see her in McQueen too, but she seems to have tailored her style in a slightly different direction. Also, I wonder if she might purposefully avoid it because the DoC is so closely associated with it? (I don’t mean that in a negative way at all, I would just understand that some of the royal ladies might respect one another’s space like that, you know?) Either way, though, I love the observation here and agree that Charlene would be exquisite in McQueen!

  7. Katie & V. Even I would like to see Charlene in a McQueen creation. But as V. rightly pointed out some of their designs might be a bit too over-elaborated for Charlene’s taste. I might be biased but Charlene’s carriage and demeanour make her the top of all the other royal ladies; and she can carry any type of creation and look stupendous.

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