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September 26, 2017

Princess Charlene at Milan Fashion Week

Hello dear readers! You’ve probably been scratching your heads trying to figure out where I’ve been – under a rock? Down an elevator shaft? A place with no internet or phone service? Nope. I’ve been right here, enduring the busiest time of year for my family. In the space of 27 days (currently on day 9), my immediate family celebrates three birthdays and one anniversary, so I’ve been staving off headaches and catching as many winks as possible. Bear with me! When I saw that Charlene was at Milan’s fashion week, visiting the Versace and Armani shows, I literally laughed out loud that I had to be so busy at the same time. BUT! I have carved out some precious minutes here, so let’s dive right in.

Charlene went in two very different directions for these shows – what I like to think of as the Sublime and the Ridiculous.

I’ll start with the Sublime.
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Charlene attended the Armani show looking smart, elegant, and positively regal. I loved this understated suit with the hip-riding belt for so many reasons: the loose fit, the color (which, my God, absolutely enhances her gorgeous eyes like no other color could!!), the almost period-style cut that hearkens back to the days of Dorothy Parker and the Bloomsbury group. The coat is delicious as well, extremely tailored and crisp, yet thrown over the shoulders to accentuate the movement of the suit.
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The hair and makeup – not to mention the gorgeous handbag – complete this look perfectly. Her hair was so luminous, not a strand out of place, and I’ve already commented on her misty grey eyes. The whole look was, for me, flawless.
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Let me be the first to say that I can definitely understand why some people out there might hate this look. For me, it was a success, but tastes are so varied when it comes to fashion. Speaking of which…
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Onto the Ridiculous aspect. When Charlene stepped out for the Versace show, the tone was about as different from the previous ensemble as is humanly possible. She selected a short, flashy, mini-dress, which she must have selected due to the edgy element. We know Charlene loves to stir the pot when it comes to fashion, take risks that none else dare take, and be bold. I could not applaud her any more for that, too!
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BUT. This dress. It definitely has its place in the haute couture world, but style-wise, it seems more the style of a Kim Kardashian or Mariah Carey. No hate to either of those lovely ladies, but Charlene is on another level. There is a level of elegance that is usually expected of her, even when she goes bold and edgy, that isn’t ever really expected of other people in the public eye. She is a princess. And this dress just didn’t meet the mark for me.
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I can get behind the leather jacket – it’s superb. And the shoes, those are a definite yes.
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Like my feelings on the dress, Charlene’s hair here didn’t quite meet the usual standards. It was a bit flat. I would have preferred it to be spiky and big, like it was for the Red Cross Gala this summer. Wouldn’t that hair have just MADE this outfit work? Oh well.
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I certainly appreciate the courage it took to wear this in public. But for me, this one was as much of a miss as the first ensemble was a hit. I suppose not everyone can be perfect all the time, and at least she’s having fun! Once again, I could see how people may disagree with my thoughts here, and I’d love to hear what your opinions were of these two different looks. As always, please be kind, and comment freely below!

September 2, 2017

Pique-Nique Monégasque 2017

Happy September, my friends! I don’t know how the weather is where you are, but here in upstate NY, it is getting chilly and crisp. The air around me smells of school supplies, warm spices, and freshly unpacked sweaters that have spent the summer in hibernation. We even had to turn on the heat for the first time since June (yes, June. Apparently this region of the world celebrates winter for 9 months of the year). ANYWAY, I was glad to see that the weather is still beautiful in Monaco, because there they held the annual Pique-Nique Monégasque on the first of September. And not only were Charlene and Albert there together, but the twins came too! (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)


Charlene gets first billing here, because this blog is dedicated to her. She looked stunning! She chose an all-black pantsuit by Diane von Furstenberg, which we have seen before: she recycled this ensemble from its first wear this past June, when she visited the La Turbie pool for the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation’s Learn To Swim Program. For a woman of her height and figure, it fits her with sublime perfection, and I am so glad we got to see it again.


She accessorized this visit with a new cross necklace, certainly different from the cross she normally wears. This one is playful and long, certainly a daring choice around toddlers.


Her hair and makeup were ultra-feminine and quite relaxed, and as usual, she looked quite in her element with the children. Getting eye-level with them even when in the high heels, which we have often seen Duchess Kate do as well, is worthy of applause.


Speaking of toddlers – look at how cute Jacques and Gabriella are with their matching outfits and hairstyles! I am LOVING how Charlene chose to style their hair the same way. I have seen so many persnickety, irritating remarks out there which refer to Jacques’ hairstyle as “girly” – talk about gender stereotyping! I, for one, love that Charlene couldn’t give a flying fig about gender norms or whatever you want to call it. Both kids have gorgeous, curly hair, and both got braids today. And both kids looked – and are – perfect. PERIOD! (And the matchy-matchy outfits are, for me, always a winner. This is one of the many reasons I’m not allowed to have twins.)

Onto other things, Albert was in appearance today, and I couldn’t have been more delighted to see him! Except…


…for this new moustache. Wow. I’ve got to say that I didn’t see this coming. Isn’t someone supposed to prepare you for this kind of thing? Like with a press release or something? I don’t know. Let me say, for the record, that I know moustaches are all the rage right now. Everyone’s got one, and this one is actually quite well groomed. It’s very reminiscent of his father’s famous moustache. But I’ll be honest with you all: I don’t love it. I can handle moustaches when they are paired with beards, but by themselves…they just don’t send me. If my husband walked in the room with one of these I would send him right back upstairs to shave it off immediately. I give Charlene big props for letting it go this far – perhaps she’s a very supportive wife, or perhaps she actually likes it. I hope so, because she’s the one who has to live with it, and she seems quite content!


But let’s be real, seeing Albert with his babies is one of the sweetest things. I can forgive facial hair disasters (and this one isn’t even a disaster!) for being a great, hands-on father. That is so attractive, and will never go out of style.


A beautiful family and a beautiful day!