August 22, 2017

Charlene and the Twins Visit the Elderly

Ok folks, prepare yourselves: this one is adorable.

Just a couple days ago, Princess Charlene visited the elderly at the Hector Otto Foundation home – and she brought her twins with her! (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)


Jacques and Gabriella clearly stole the show and delighted all of the seniors. I know kids can usually be hard to handle at engagements like these, but it was such a good idea in this case. Nothing brings a smile to the faces of the elderly like those of young children, and it is such a joy to see the young and the old together. Jacques, I will admit, looked a little unenthusiastic about being there – he sort of looks like he may have just emerged from a naptime situation. I may be imagining that. But he behaved himself quite well!


And little Gabriella…she is just the sweetest. Her dress was too cute for words, and the way she was so willing to interact with the boarders was so gracious. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: this girl has inherited the regal parts of her family. You can already see it in the way she moves about with grace and awareness. There is a certain je ne sais quoi – a quality? – there that will suit her well in her future as a royal.


And she’s so cute too, that just gets me every time!


Charlene herself looked quite lovely, sporting skin-tight white skinnies and a navy blue blouson. It was ever-so flattering on her, but the most striking part was…


…her SHOES! These shoes were the definition of divine. I want to see a side view so badly, just so I can get a better idea of the heel. But I’m drooling over here. (And anyone who can wear shoes like those with an almost-three year old on each hip is my hero – just saying. That’s some super-mom action right there.)


She chose very simple, elegant jewelry to match the casual tone of the outfit, and her makeup was equally flattering and natural. Her new haircolor still hasn’t sunken in for me yet, and these photos surprised me for a half-second before I remembered that she lightened it. I still love the bright blond on her!


All in all, a very lovely visit, at least from where I sit. I love the elderly and I love kids, and seeing them together always sets my heart aflutter. And I love princesses too, so obviously this visit was a slam dunk for me – ha! I hope you all enjoyed this as much as I did!


  1. I would have gladly changed places with one of the residents, just to have such an enchanting cherub present with a photo!! As usual, Charlene is in her element when she is with kids, the elderly and the less able. Photo number 6 is priceless: Charlene’s infectious smile together with one of her angels!

  2. Katie Coble says:

    I agree, Myriam – one of my favorite photos ever! A mother-daughter moment captured beautifully :)

  3. Karin Bloem says:

    Thank you very much for these wonderful photos. Our lovely Princess looks so happy in all these photos. Don’t you think Jacques might have been blowing a kiss to all the grannies and granddads in the first photo, that was the impression I got when I first saw it. The curly-topped twins are just adorable! And how lovely that Princess Charlene is teaching her children from such a young age to reach out to the elderly. Not only a winner princess, but a winner mom too.

  4. Katie Coble says:

    Hi Karin – you know, it didn’t even occur to me that he might be blowing a kiss in that photo! I love that idea, and now I can’t *not* see it when I look. Thank you!

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