July 29, 2017

The 69th Red Cross Ball Gala

I hope y’all like glitter.

Just yesterday, Charlene and Albert appeared at the 69th annual Red Cross Gala looking positively stunning! Albert was handsome in what I would describe as a mismatched tux – due to a red bow tie – and Charlene looked 80s-glam in an edgy, VERY sparkly Versace pantsuit. And I loved it!

You know, there are so many elements here that would normally make me furrow my brow. So many things could go wrong: the glitter, the pantsuit element, the big hair/makeup, the gunmetal color. But somehow she just makes it work, and not a little – a lot!

The glittery aspect, for one, is something that is so easy to overdo, but this just seemed to wow me. I love how spectacular it is, how extreme, and the ease with which Charlene wears it. This seems to up the ante, Charlene fully in recognition of the fact that her ensemble will have to be the biggest of the night, and she did not disappoint. Versace knows how to work sequins and sparkles, and Charlene knows how to carry them off. Applause.

You know me: I don’t generally love a pantsuit, and I do admit that I wish this were a gown. However! This really does work as pants, and I love the sheer quality as the eye goes downward. The structure of this pantsuit almost makes it work like a gown, fluid enough to have movement but edgy enough to match the bold contours and metallic flavor.

See what I mean? The movement plus the shimmer just makes me think of liquid mercury. It’s mesmerizing.

Speaking of contours, I absolutely loved the non-curve of this neckline and the way it hugged her gorgeous, statuesque figure. Charlene is all woman, unapologetic about her curves, and this ensemble just accentuates what she’s got going on. Double applause.

WERK, girl.

Let’s talk hair and makeup: this was where I really felt the 80s flavor coming into the styling. The bold, smoky eye is something Charlene has definitely done in the past, but not too often. The outfit just begged for it, and it looked amazing on Charlene – especially with the nude lip to match. The hair, having been so recently lightened, also had its own razor-sharp edge to it, and the volume is reminiscent of retro shampoo commercials. (And I mean that in the best way – who doesn’t get nostalgic thinking about supermodel hair from the 80s?!!) With any other ensemble, this would have been totally off the mark and out of place, but with this Versace, it was pure perfection.

While I do feel like dangly, diamond earrings would have worked here, I actually appreciate that she chose studs instead. I feel like big earrings (even a necklace of any kind, too) would have overwhelmed the outfit too much, and I prefer letting her face and the pantsuit work together unobstructed.

Final verdict: a major win. I give all the heart eyes to this one, and I hope you enjoyed it too!


  1. Katie, Just two words STUPENDOUS and STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Karin Bloem says:

    I am blown away by this amazing outfit, what style, what beauty … what next!

  3. Well, doesn’t she look spectacular!
    I did think it was a gown at first, and I kind of think I’d have preferred it as a gown, but it is undeniably fantastic as-is. I agree about the minimal styling – I think maybe her very, very thin Mont Blanc earrings would work with this, but any other type of dangly earring would have been too much IMO.
    What I especially love about this outfit it’s that it’s a complete opposite of last year’s floaty, princess-y gown. The best thing about Charlene’s style is that it’s so varied and you never know if she is going to go for “princess” or for “punk.” And she pulls it all off so well!

  4. Karin Bloem says:

    Just had a look at the photographs again (one just cannot get enough!) and I must comment on the back view of Charlene’s outfit – it has a mermaid-look to it, maybe because of the shimmer and her incredible tall, slim physique that sets it off to perfection. I went back to last year’s Red Cross Ball and that dress is still my all-time favorite. But Charlene keeps on taking our breath away with new outfits.
    Katie, referring to your comment about Albert’s mismatched tux because of the red bow tie: Don’t you think it is suitable as it was after all the Red Cross Ball? Just asking!

  5. Katie Coble says:

    Hi Karin! Yes, I definitely think the mismatched tux was deliberate…and I think I should have elaborated more on it. I actually loved the red bow tie, it added just the right amount of color and, as you say, was appropriate to the occasion. I’m sure I sounded like I was disapproving of the look, when in fact I loved it. (You should see how my husband dresses, mismatched and bow ties all the way. Ha!)

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