July 28, 2017

Ship Launch Gets Red Dress Perfection from Charlene

Ok, folks, this one is GOOD. Actually, good is an understatement. At the launch ceremony for the Yersin Yatch exploration ship, Charlene arrived (with both her babies and with Albert!) in the most spectacular, gorgeous, red gown and bright-blond hair. I did a happy dance when I saw these pictures, and the fact that she brought her adorable twins was just the cherry on top. This dress is going to go down in my book as one of her best. (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)


Ok, let’s talk twins first. Look at these adorable babies!!! I know, I know, they’re not babies anymore. But can’t we still call them babies for a little while longer? They were the picture of sweetness. And I love how different they are – Jacques with his white-blond hair and Gabriella with a more chestnut hue. Their curls – on both of them – are just killing me. BEAUTIFUL all around. (I am wondering how Charlene manages to style Gabriella’s hair so perfectly. My own little one has curls, and I have to use some product in them to maintain their shape, so I’d love to know what Charlene uses for Gabby! If she would just shoot me an email with some tips that would be lovely – ha!)


Anyone else swooning over Gabriella’s dress? The dark blue is just divine with her eyes.


And speaking of dresses: Charlene’s gown! I believe it to be a Roland Mouret creation, and it was perfect. I loved the color, the length, the fit, the one-shoulder element, and the simplicity. It was sleek and elegant while edgy and bold, exactly a Charlene-style combination that stuns every time.


I love, love, love the way that the single-shoulder accentuates Charlene’s amazing, muscular arms. Guys, I have been working for YEARS to get arms like these. Do I have to get a rowing machine or something? Or have twins? Charlene’s arms are cut, fit, and fantastic. And she certainly uses the muscles when lifting those babies. Holy moly.


And these shoes! Dior again, I believe, and my heavens, are they gorgeous. I satisfy myself by admiring these sorts of items from afar, because if I ever considered them and saw the price tag, I think I might suffer an aneurysm. But thank goodness Charlene wears them and I can love on them from here!


One of the things that stood out the most to me, though, was Charlene’s hair. She lightened it! It was quite a bit darker a few days ago in the green gown, and while I loved that, I was so delighted to see her change things up. Bright blond suits her so well, and it doesn’t work on many people like it does here. (Sidenote: my husband seemed to think her tan had darkened, and I can’t tell if it’s the tan or the hair that makes it just look a bit darker. Either way, though, summer in Monaco must mean loads of sun and, thus, tans.)


Makeup was on point, jewelry was simple. I actually quite approve of the simple jewelry for this type of event, especially when including small children. This dress could certainly handle some heavy jewels, but it wouldn’t have been prudent with grabby little fingers around.


A big thank you to those of you who commented on the green dress – I just loved your opinions, and you pointed out things to me that I mightn’t have seen otherwise! I always love reading your comments and getting additional insights. I thoroughly enjoy how positive our community is, and I hope you loved this red dress as much as I did!

And just for fun, a little sneak preview of the next post…

Stay tuned!!!


  1. The “best dressed” from me goes to Gabriella, because navy is my favourite colour and can I have her dress in an adult size, please? I love that she and Albert match. Actually, Albert and both the kids match in their nautical palette (so cute!) and then there’s Charlene looking like a fiery goddess. The fit of that dress, man. I was thinking she had a little bit of a tan going on as well. It works very well with the bleached hair. I couldn’t decide if I liked the new colour at first, but I think I do. I definitely like that she’s changing it up! She looks very glamorous and summery.
    Looking forward to the Red Cross Ball coverage :)

  2. A wonderful family. The twins – especially Gabriells’s curls – are adorable. The fit of Charlene’s dress is astounding. It fitted every curvet her statuesque figure. I think that she carries these type of dresses much, much better than a professional model.

  3. Thank you for the wonderful pictures! Charlene is the most gorgeous royal in my opinion, but I did not like that silver pantsuit at all, makes her look like an alien. I prefer her classic style. Her children are the cutest! It’s fun to see them grow up and change. Wonder if she swims daily still? Do you know? Her physique sure looks like it! Thank you again for your lovely blog!

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