July 25, 2017

Charlene in Green for Medals Ceremony

Hello my friends! This post comes to you a few precious days late, I know. I was spending the week with a friend who recently gave birth to her first baby, and as many of you know, that can be a trying time. I tried to be the dutiful friend and put my phone/devices away to help the new mama. Of course, after weeks of quiet from Monaco, there was activity during the EXACT time I was AWOL. C’est la vie! As you have all probably seen by now, Princess Charlene attended the IAAF race and participated in the medals ceremony, at which she made waves in a bold, green dress. I’ll be honest with you guys: I am on the fence about this one. I’ll be interested to see what you think.

This entire ensemble was surprising for a number of reasons. My first thought was total joy at the sight of a bright-green, floor-length gown. The color in particular is striking on Charlene, and it makes me wish we could see it more on her. But after I came down from that high, and realized that she was at a sporting event…in an evening gown. At that point, pour moi, this was a very strange choice of dress.

I appreciate that she is showing a level of respect for the athletes by going all-out in her sartorial choice, but it really didn’t seem to fit the event to me. It was just out of place: a long, elegant, silky, floaty gown would be perfect for an evening out, but to a stadium? The shoes were also off to me, even though they were Dior. I was left scratching my head.

Just as a sidenote, I also feel fashionably opposed to the huge sleeve. It reminded me of the clown-esque red pantsuit from a couple years ago, only not nearly as offensive. This one I can certainly forgive, mainly because of the ethereal, sheer quality of the silk. I just wouldn’t have chosen it.

The best part about this dress for me was the neck decoration. It was positively gorgeous, at least to me. Certainly something of this style would be a toss up to one’s particular tastes, but I loved the flair that it brought to the outfit, and the nod toward her African culture that this gave. Charlene has made it quite clear in her interviews that she is and always will be a proud African, through and through, so I always get a giddy rush when she pulls something out of her wardrobe that is ethnically diverse and exciting. I admit that this would not be for everyone, but it made me happy. I also loved how it complemented the asymmetry of the dress – quite daring and unique.

Does anyone else think that she purposefully chose to go very, very neutral in terms of her makeup, simply due to the attention-grabbing collar? I have been wondering about this ever since I saw the photos. In all honesty, I think it has been about 10 years since I’ve seen Charlene go this light with her makeup. She can clearly pull it off – she’s stunning – but her usual tendency is to have a full face. I think her eye makeup might even be a little too light for my taste here, though with such a striking collar she may have done this on purpose.

On a separate note, though – THESE TWO! They are so sweet together.

To sum up, things I loved: the collar, the color, the hair (that lift!), the cutesy-tootsy couple. Things I didn’t love: the length for this event, the makeup, the shoes, the big, baggy sleeve. I’m feeling it both ways, guys, and I can’t decide one way or the other if this was a win or a flop. What do you think? Feel free to share your opinions below!


  1. Katie, At first I tended to agree with you re the type of gown that Charlene wore. But then I when I started thinking intensely; two thoughts sprang to my mind. What if afterwards there was reception? Charlene would not have had to change dresses. Another thought was that she is a Princess and people expect Princesses to look like one. She is a fairytale Princess! She wore the same shoes for the twins christening, so they must be her favourites. As to the rest the colour suits her to perfection and her make up was flawless. Her necklace/choker is typically South African and is made up of very small beads and it is handmade. Her engagement ring made a rare appearance!

  2. I agree that the gown was a surprising choice for the event, but people wear maxi dresses for daytime events all the time, and I guess in Charlene’s world maxi dresses are made of flowing silk 😛 It’s certainly a statement look, but I think she pulls it off. Doesn’t she look like a Greek goddess?
    I appreciate the sentiment behind the necklace, but it’s not my favourite piece of jewellery she’s worn – she has a smaller African bead necklace that she wore last year which I liked better, and I think this one fights with the asymmetric neckline. It would work better with a strapless or high-necked gown, IMO.
    I also think the sleeve swallows her up and together with the necklace it’s all a bit overwhelming. I liked the Valentino jumpsuit because the styling was so minimal, hair off her face and even the build-in tie was tied into a bow on her shoulder, so it was all under control, whereas this has a lot going on all at the same time.
    And yet it works.
    I understand why she usually goes for a full face of make-up. She’s so fair she basically has to paint her eyebrows/eyelashes on for them to be visible at all. But I think if she wore more here it would really look like she got lost on the way to an evening reception, so minimal make-up was probably her way of making the look just a little bit more casual.
    Albert and Charlene going MENTAL in the stands at a sports competition is always my favourite thing :-) It’s so cool that Char got to hand the gold medal to her compatriot!
    BTW Myriam, I don’t think that’s her engagement ring. She wears it often on her wedding ring finger, so the confusion is understandable, but I am pretty sure it’s the lozenge-shaped diamond ring that she’s had since I think early 2014 at least. Her e-ring is smaller and pear-shaped.

  3. Karin Bloem says:

    I loved this very original outfit from the moment I first saw it: The color is perfect for our Princess, the style is one she can show off to perfection because of her height and toned body (those arms and shoulders are really beautiful) and that beaded collar is simply stunning. Did you notice that Prince Albert’s red tie toned in perfectly with the red in the collar? They are such a stylish couple!

  4. Karin, Many thanks for pointing out Albert’s tie. I had not noticed the matching colour to Charlene’s beaded collar.

  5. I don’t like the green dress at all, but the necklace is beautiful! In one picture of them however, her wearing the green dress, it looks like her face had botox or something, very stiff. I wish she would smile more, she is so gorgeous, maybe she is camera shy. Albert looks like an oaf, sorry. I was stunned to hear he has illegitimate children with what two or three different women? What a shame. Hope they are very happy though with their little family.

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