May 29, 2017

Grand Prix de Monaco

Has everyone been patiently waiting to see what Princess Charlene would wear to the Grand Prix? Wait no longer – photos are here! They first came in on my feeds late last night (I say “late” in parents-of-a-4-year-old terms, meaning around 7pm EST, otherwise known as a perfectly reasonable, early hour on the clock), so I am finally getting a moment to post them now. And it will be worth the wait, too, because this dress was beautiful! (Photos courtesy of Facebook & Getty.)


Charlene chose a red, long dress for the Grand Prix, with a checkerboard-type detail on the fabric. It was a classic red, a gorgeous color on Charlene and nearly always a winner. This was no exception: she looked radiant.

The length of this dress was so playful: not midi, not floor-length. Half and half. I love the wispy, cheeky movement to the skirt, offset by the fitted bodice and waistline. The neckline was high, which I thought balanced the dress and made it just right for this sort of sporty event.

Charlene was also wearing a black ribbon, and the palace hasn’t so far released a reason why, to the best of my knowledge. I can make the educated guess that this is in reaction to the horrific attacks in Manchester – as a mother, this probably hit her particularly hard. I say this as a mother myself, and since my other mom friends have also had difficulty processing this attack. (Is any attack easy to process? No, of course not. But when it involves children like this, I think it’s safe to say that maternal anxiety kicks in and none of us can sleep.) If this ribbon was for the Manchester attack, it was an appropriate nod to the fact that, while celebrating the Grand Prix, they are still sending their hearts out to those who were directly affected.

And these shoes, my friends, were so lovely! I am a wholehearted lover of strappy heels, but of the firm belief that less is more with the straps. These were just my speed. Enough strap to support a heeled shoe, not so much to distract. Just right!

From what I can see, makeup and hair were lovely – though the hair was a little matted down, compared to her previous appearances last week. A lot less lift today, and I was fully surprised by that. I highly doubt she would have gotten a haircut so close to such a large, high-profile event.

In some other news, the Princely couple held a reception at the palace for the Grand Prix, and if it’s possible, Charlene looked even more luminous than she did at the track!


Our princess chose her second jumpsuit of the week (at least I think this is a jumpsuit?) and it was completely divine. And I have to say, I usually hate jumpsuits across the board, but this week she has changed my opinion on them not once, but twice. This particular suit might be one of my favorite Charlene outfits to date, and that’s saying quite a bit.


I adore this sort of sharp sweetheart neckline. It is crisp and edgy, while feminine and romantic all at once. And it just brings so much attention to Charlene’s lovely face. Her makeup, of course, had to be impeccable with such a neckline, and it was. And just as a side note, people out there have been raving over Pippa Middleton’s arms since her wedding, and can I just say: take a look at Charlene’s arms. She’s been rocking the amazing arms way before Pippa came along, and this sort of bodice highlights her physique so beautifully. Goals!


A lovely Grand Prix fashion day all around. I hope you’ve all enjoyed these photos as thoroughly as I have! (And happy Memorial Day if you happen to live in the USA!)


  1. Katie, I think that Charlene read our comments re the colour of the shoes that she wore with her white slacks, because this time the choice was impeccable!!! Joking apart, I think that this was one of the best outfits that Charlene has worn these last few weeks. The colour suits her to perfection and in the second photo she looks as if she is ready to fly on the wings of her happiness. I think that those who have commented on Pippa’s arms, must have never seen Charlene’s!!!

  2. Katie Coble says:

    Yes! Totally lovely…though not quite what I was expecting from the photos of the shoot. Thank you for sharing, Imke!

  3. How about sharing it with all your readers?

  4. Katie Coble says:

    Hi Imke! While I would definitely enjoy sharing everything I find on Charlene, the intricacies of my particular page do not allow me to do so. There are several videos, images, etc. that are out there on the internet for most bloggers to use, but I am unable to use them because of specific copyrights and my personal limited resources. (Everything I can share, I do – promise!) But I do appreciate your willingness to share the link, which others have undoubtedly followed and enjoyed! So thank you for your input as always and I will look forward to seeing you again :)

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