May 27, 2017

Princess Charlene Visits the Track Ahead of Grand Prix

Ah, I love Grand Prix season: a Charlene and Albert moment nearly every day! Today the dynamic duo did not disappoint, as the Princely couple visited the paddock area of the track ahead of the qualifying sessions for the Grand Prix. They also visited with the Red Cross volunteers, who are supporting the Grand Prix. (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)


Charlene dressed down today: a red polo shirt in support both of the Red Cross and the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation. The two are often supported at the same time, and wearing the shirt today was a huge nod to the importance of the Red Cross and her charitable organization. I appreciated her efforts to draw attention where it was due, especially since today she could have gone ultra chic if she wanted to. Albert was in a jacket and tie, so the choice to draw attention to the Red Cross volunteers was quite clearly intentional.


She paired the shirt with very classic white slacks. They were crisp, tailored, and clean, not unlike the slacks my very fashionable grandmother used to wear all the time. (That may sound like an insult, but it’s truly the highest compliment I can deliver.) I absolutely loved them. I think they surprised me, though, because the more popular look would be skinnies or leggings, and I quite love the fact that these are neither. They are, plainly and perfectly, slacks.


I admit, I was a bit thrown off by these shoes. It was definitely good that they were flats – certainly appropriate for the slacks – but did they have to be metallic silver? I was puzzled by this choice. Certainly a white, red or even nude, flat shoe could have been found for her? But silver, of all colors. It just left me scratching my head.


But makeup, guys, was extraordinary. I’m not sure if the Monaco sun has just been gracious to Charlene or what, but her tan is enviable. And pairing it with such simple makeup and a pale lip was a stroke of genius: it just makes her tanned skin stand out that much more. Also, did anyone else notice these (new?) earrings? I haven’t seen them to the best of my recollection, but I like them very much. I was sort of expecting this outfit to be paired with those Dior pearls that match everything, but these were even more quiet and understated.

Alright all, I’m off for the night – hope to see you again soon with more Grand Prix action!


  1. Katie, even I am of the opinion that nude or white flats would have been a better choice, otherwise she is perfection from head to toe – less the shoes!

  2. Katie Coble says:

    Ha! Yes, Myriam, complete agreement. Even my husband was confused over the shoe choice, and he rarely notices shoes. LOL!

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