May 26, 2017

Grand Prix Preparation + Film on Formula 1

It’s that time of year again, folks – Grand Prix time! I’ll be honest with you: if it weren’t for the fashion and royal appearances, I wouldn’t even bother with the thought of the Grand Prix. But because of those key elements, I am alight with anticipation. That being said, in preparation for the days ahead, Princess Charlene and Prince Albert participated in an interview with two Formula 1 drivers for an English television interview/film. The photos of the day are limited, but I’m particularly pleased that we got at least one full-length shot of Charlene’s outfit for the day. (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)


Charlene looked like the epitome of casual-chic, nautical elegance today, in this Federica Tosi jumpsuit. In all frankness, this particular photograph is not as flattering as it could be; however, it does give us a good look at the jumpsuit, and as far as jumpsuits go, this one is a winner for me. I don’t believe I’ve got a clear memory of Charlene in a halter neckline – I’m sure she has worn them, but I’m not recalling them quickly – and it looks smashing on her. I love the deep v-neck and open back, plus the billowy lower-half of this jumpsuit. It is the perfect combination of fit-and-flare, and I think the casual element of today’s event sold it for me.


The nautical atmosphere seemed to only enhance this particular design, too. I think that my opinion might have been very different had this outfit been selected for any other event; however, for this occasion, it was perfect.


I can’t comment too much on her hair and makeup, simply because we didn’t get satisfactorily close-up images to see more than the red lips. I’m assuming that it was all lovely! If the setting is any indication, every moment of this day must have been glorious. Look at the sea behind them! And not for nothing, but Dimples there on the left isn’t bad to look at (what’s his name? Mark Webber, I think). I sigh with envy. Ah well, until the next time – which will hopefully be soon! – I wish you all a pleasant evening!

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