May 23, 2017

The Prince and Princess Host Reception at Palace

Good afternoon, all! I come to you in good spirits today: I have fully recovered from a wretched cold, I’m enjoying some rare solitude in the house, and summer is so near I can practically taste it. My good mood was only buoyed by the fact that Charlene and Albert hosted a beautiful reception at the Princely Palace yesterday for the AS Monaco FC players, who took the championship of the French Championship First League for the eighth time…and our princess looked particularly chic. (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)


For this reception, Charlene chose to wear a lovely Akris dress. By the looks of the original version, my guess is that this one was bespoke for HSH, but that is merely my speculation. It is floor-length and wispy in the skirt, while fitted and flattering in the bodice. And no unsightly seams around the waistline make me all smiles over this dress.


The pattern, I do admit, is a bit busy, though it still oozes elegance. It has a very modern edge to it, and while I might steer in another direction personally, I know Charlene does enjoy her style to lean toward the avant garde. I can certainly appreciate it.


My main focus is the lighting here. Good Lord, it was perfect for these photos. Everything about Charlene is alight: her hair was glowing and feathered, her skin flawless, and her makeup complete perfection. I did notice that she went for a slightly more rust-colored red on her lips, which is a rather different choice for Charlene. Usually it’s go-bold or go-home, but this had a more organic, natural flavor to it toward which Charlene doesn’t normally gravitate; however, I love it on her. It seems to really work seamlessly with the golden, natural hues she favors around the eyes.


Also…THIS! It’s just too cute, y’all. I don’t have words.


Jacques was also a center of attention today, with his unruly curls, adorable new t-shirt (which you can see above!) and precious baby blue eyes. I know most of the time we say that Jacques looks more like his mama, but today I’m seeing lots of Albert in him. He’s a lovely mix of the two, and I was delighted to see him. Nothing draws my attention more than a princess with her baby…swoon!


A lovely evening, and I hope you enjoyed the photos. Until the next time, may the beautiful weather be upon you all!


  1. Looking closely you can see that J has his hair pulled together in a “pony tail”.

  2. Katie, I fully agree with you re the beauty of Charlene’s dress. Even I am of the opinion that Jacques is startng to resemble Albert, especially in the 3rd photo. Thank-you for sharing such beautiful photos with us – the aficionados of Charlene.

  3. Katie Coble says:

    Hi Imke – yes!! I noticed that too! I love how hesitant they are to cut his hair :) I hope they keep his curls around for a long time, they are so cute.

  4. Katie Coble says:

    Hi Myriam! So glad I’m not the only one who sees that resemblance. Also, I forgot to reply to your last comment about the capes – I got some for myself years ago, during the “nursing years,” and find myself wearing them even still. Surprising how stylish they are becoming…thanks to Charlene :)

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