May 8, 2017

Charlene and Albert Cheer Monaco

This past week, we got a semi-appearance from Charlene, which ended up being less spectacular than I’d hoped for, but certainly beats no appearance at all. The princess and her prince were in the stands at Stade Louis II for the UEFA Champions League match between AS Monaco and Juventus Turin, where they supported their team. It’s all very straightforward what they were doing there, but “unexciting” is certainly a word I would use to sum up the sighting.

I was mostly bummed out by these scarves. It looks like everyone is wearing them, so I can’t be too hyper critical because the princely couple is just getting into the spirit of things, but I hate it when sporting events require the people in the stands to wear specific objects to show support. (You can sense my horror at hockey games, with all the enthusiastic fans in matching jerseys.) Really, the only reason it’s a problem here is because I’m a fashion blogger, and I can’t see the fashion. But watch, as I become a detective, and try to figure out the fashion from what I can see!

Charlene is definitely wearing black slacks, and from what I can see, they look lovely. I believe she is wearing a slit-sleeved cape on top, and I can see just the faintest hint of a short-sleeved blouse poking out from one of the sleeves. Do you see it too?

This cape, though, is positively gorgeous. Hence my desire to rid her of the awful scarf and see the cape in all its glory. She tends to lean toward capes of this nature when the weather could go in either direction, and I love each one. They are so regal, and just ooze sophistication.

Lately, her short-short hair has been growing longer on top – as we have mentioned in earlier posts – and she’s getting some major lift in those upper tresses. It’s ultra-flattering and the layers of golden color are brilliant.

Makeup and jewelry were spot-on, as usual. She opted for golden tones on the eyes with a bold red lip, which certainly plays off of the black ensemble to perfection. As for the jewelry, it looks like she reached for pearls and platinum, and that is never a problem. Brava!

I have to show this, because it’s just so darn cute: Charlene consoling an obviously frustrated Albert during the match, and…

…perhaps getting a little frustrated herself with the match? They really did seem to get into it, but here she seems to be fighting off a headache. I hope it was just the game.

Alright everyone, here’s hoping for a more exciting (read: more fashion-visible haha!) appearance next time, and until then, I send good wishes your way for beautiful weather this May…and for Mother’s Day if you’re a mama!


  1. Cecile Reboul says:

    Charlene is very elegant here

    You can see a lot of photos of the couple on the photos bank profimedia editorial

  2. Katie, I too totally love Charlene’s capes. Actually after seeing her wear them quite often, I decided to buy one myself. I am tall and I found them so comfortable that I bought 3 capes and 2 ponchos! They are wonderful, keep you warm and you can wear them for any occasion. I read in a magazine that the bracelet that Charlene is wearing is by Van Cleef and Arpels. No wonder that it is beautiful!

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