April 26, 2017

The Red Dress in South Africa

Now THIS is more like it, folks. In my last post, I alluded to the red dress that Charlene wore while in South Africa, and pictures have been released. As our dear readers Bluma and Imke both noticed already, this dress is a repeat for Charlene – she wore it first in 2012, before this blog was started, so unfortunately (or fortunately?) there isn’t a post on it already. And I don’t blame her for recycling, because if I had this dress, I would wear it over and over and over again too. It is just THAT beautiful. (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)


Charlene chose this gown for an interview she gave with EWN Sports editor Jean Smyth, in which she discussed her foundation and her love for South Africa. The interview itself is not super interesting – just being honest here – but guys, she is so beautiful. The lighting, perfect. The gown, perfect. The makeup, perfect. The jewelry, perfect. Home run.


This is a floor-length Dior creation, and it is stunning in its simplicity. The way it doesn’t cling too much but still highlights Charlene’s statuesque physique is so flattering, and I love when she wears gowns that don’t highlight her waistline. Don’t get me wrong, her waistline is amazing, but she is so beautifully tall, and I love to see that accentuated.


I have noticed on other sites that critics out there are annoyed at the attention this dress draws to her shoulders, yet again. And I’m annoyed at these criticisms, yet again. At some point, people need to just accept the fact that as a swimmer, Charlene has broad shoulders. They are not something she needs to hide, nor something over which she should be self-conscious – au contraire, many would kill for such a cut figure. She is not ashamed, so why people try to enforce the body shaming is beyond me. In addition, there have also been mentions out there on the internet about plastic surgery…and while I absolutely hate the idea of dignifying such remarks with a post, at some point I know I’m going to have to write one. Hang in there with me, friends, I’m still gathering my thoughts on all these things so I can be eloquent on the topic! It’s coming, I promise.


But anyway! I show you this up-close pic so we can get a look at those earrings. I am in love with them! We have certainly seen them before, but we now finally have a photo that shows us some definition in these sparklers. I love them with this dress, they add just the right amount of embellishment. Same with the bracelet, which you can see in the previous photo. It might be the same one she wore with the (awful) striped dress from the previous post, and it is exquisite. Also, I am loving the lift her hair has here, and I feel like the natural shades of makeup were spot on with such a bright gown. Though heaven knows we’ve seen Charlene whip out the bright red lipstick without pause, I still think these shades worked beautifully for this occasion.

Enjoy the photos, drool over those earrings, and I’ll see you all again soon!


  1. Vittoria says:

    I think Charlene’s swimmer’s shoulders are spectacular and always have. I like the way the designers and stylists she works with often emphasize them or show them off. Her wedding dress was the perfect example.

    However, WHY was she wearing a full-length evening dress and diamond jewelry for an interview? Especially an interview with a sports editor? Was she attending an evening event afterwards?

  2. Katie Coble says:

    Hi Vittoria – I was wondering the same thing! I feel like there must have been a dinner or gala afterward, though I haven’t read or heard anything about it. Perhaps it was a private event. I am in complete agreement with you, though, that this would have been a very strange styling for an interview if there *wasn’t* an event afterward. It would be so out of character for Charlene, and that is why I’m convinced that this was only part of the story.

  3. I read in the Daily Mail that there was a gala in Johannesburg to celebrate Charlene’s foundation. She gave a speech and during the evening she received a phone call from her husband. As usual Charlene was the epitome of elegance. I have a feeling that those that criticse her shoulders, do so through jealousy; because her shoulders give her already statesque figure that something extra. Those earrings are something to die for! Katie what do you think? I can’t stop drooling over them !!!!

  4. Katie Coble says:

    Ah, thank you Myriam for figuring out the occasion for the formal wear! It only made sense that she was going somewhere after the interview. And yes, I completely agree about the earrings – I was thrilled to have a close-up photo so I could see the detail on them. They are HEAVEN!

  5. Cecile Reboul says:

    Charlene attended the gala for her fondation in South Africa when she wore her red dress, and she gave two interviews during this gala, one to ewn news where she spoke about her fondation , her children and she gave an interview to topbillings where she spoke about her fondation and her family..
    I saw her when I was in Monaco and I could say you that she is very beautiful, we don’t even see her shoulders and she is very elegant.
    On the photo , we can see her beautiful blue eyes, Jacques has the same eyes

  6. I 100% agree with you about Charlene’s shoulders! They’re incredible. I wish I could have shoulders like that! I wonder if they’re all due to her years of swimming or if you just have to have lucky genes for that in addition to all her athletic training?

    As to plastic surgery, I seriously doubt she’s had anything that even qualifies as surgery at all. At most, she’s maybe, possibly had some temporary Botox or injectable fillers. Even that’s not clear: she’s got makeup artists, hairstyles, gained and lost weight with pregnancy, etc. All of that can give you a slightly varied look, too. What person doesn’t look different after having twins? Or with professionals to do their hair and makeup? To me, she looks most different when she wears red lipstick! When she goes back to a simple makeup look similar to her wedding day (pink gloss, nudes, shimmer), I can hardly tell whether it’s 2012 or 2017 in a photograph.

    I did read the most fascinating article in New York Magazine called The New New Face, about trends in cosmetic procedures. In the 1980s, people did usually ‘go under the knife’ and the goal was a facelift that gave you a really pulled-tight look. But now most dermatologists and surgeons favor temporary injectables and fillers to create a plump, soft look that mirrors your face in your 20s, when you still had baby fat. It’s not really surgery at all. You stop by an office and they just pop some stuff into your forehead and–bam!–you look less tired, supposedly. Sounds good to me!

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