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April 26, 2017

The Red Dress in South Africa

Now THIS is more like it, folks. In my last post, I alluded to the red dress that Charlene wore while in South Africa, and pictures have been released. As our dear readers Bluma and Imke both noticed already, this dress is a repeat for Charlene – she wore it first in 2012, before this blog was started, so unfortunately (or fortunately?) there isn’t a post on it already. And I don’t blame her for recycling, because if I had this dress, I would wear it over and over and over again too. It is just THAT beautiful. (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)


Charlene chose this gown for an interview she gave with EWN Sports editor Jean Smyth, in which she discussed her foundation and her love for South Africa. The interview itself is not super interesting – just being honest here – but guys, she is so beautiful. The lighting, perfect. The gown, perfect. The makeup, perfect. The jewelry, perfect. Home run.


This is a floor-length Dior creation, and it is stunning in its simplicity. The way it doesn’t cling too much but still highlights Charlene’s statuesque physique is so flattering, and I love when she wears gowns that don’t highlight her waistline. Don’t get me wrong, her waistline is amazing, but she is so beautifully tall, and I love to see that accentuated.


I have noticed on other sites that critics out there are annoyed at the attention this dress draws to her shoulders, yet again. And I’m annoyed at these criticisms, yet again. At some point, people need to just accept the fact that as a swimmer, Charlene has broad shoulders. They are not something she needs to hide, nor something over which she should be self-conscious – au contraire, many would kill for such a cut figure. She is not ashamed, so why people try to enforce the body shaming is beyond me. In addition, there have also been mentions out there on the internet about plastic surgery…and while I absolutely hate the idea of dignifying such remarks with a post, at some point I know I’m going to have to write one. Hang in there with me, friends, I’m still gathering my thoughts on all these things so I can be eloquent on the topic! It’s coming, I promise.


But anyway! I show you this up-close pic so we can get a look at those earrings. I am in love with them! We have certainly seen them before, but we now finally have a photo that shows us some definition in these sparklers. I love them with this dress, they add just the right amount of embellishment. Same with the bracelet, which you can see in the previous photo. It might be the same one she wore with the (awful) striped dress from the previous post, and it is exquisite. Also, I am loving the lift her hair has here, and I feel like the natural shades of makeup were spot on with such a bright gown. Though heaven knows we’ve seen Charlene whip out the bright red lipstick without pause, I still think these shades worked beautifully for this occasion.

Enjoy the photos, drool over those earrings, and I’ll see you all again soon!

April 23, 2017

Princess Charlene in South Africa for Earth Day

Alright my friends, all of a sudden Charlene has been VERY busy. I mean, it has been silence for weeks and then boom: a scattering of events all in one day for me to sift through. I feel like this happens a lot, though: every time I feel like there has been a Charlene draught for a few weeks, she somehow never fails to hear my plea and then give me a deluge of too many events to handle. Either way, we’ve suddenly got a lot of stuff to get through, so let’s get to it! (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)


Charlene was in South Africa for Earth Day, promoting the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation and supporting the South African Red Cross Society. To that end, she visited the place where the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation was founded: the Gugulesizwe Primary School, just outside of Benoni.


During the visit, she spent time with school children both in and out of the classroom. They were apparently quite proud of their vegetable garden, and I don’t blame them. I’m actually a little jealous, as I have a tendency to kill anything I try to grow. Point being: they should definitely be proud!


For the visit, Charlene chose a patterned black-and-white skirt with a very plain, long-sleeved black shirt. I’m not sure how to categorize the shirt: it doesn’t seem billowy enough to be a blouse, nor does it have the thick fabric to be a sweater. And I certainly wouldn’t call it a tee, because it’s far too dressy. Any ideas?


She paired the outfit with her simple cross necklace, stud pearls, and boots. I have to be honest: I’m LOVING the boots with this skirt. And I’m actually loving the skirt too, though at first glance I wasn’t a fan. It has grown on me! She looked quite chic and relaxed at the same time, which seems to strike just the right balance for this engagement.


She also changed outfits and got down to serious business: CPR training! We have all seen Charlene teach CPR so many times, I almost feel like it’s part of our royal-watching routine by this point. I love how she incorporates CPR as often as possible into her engagements, even if it means getting out of her fancy clothes and down onto the ground.


It made so much sense to bring water safety education back to the place where her Foundation was started, and she seems quite genuinely happy to be teaching these kids. You can see her passion bubbling out of her, and it’s a lovely sight.

Onto other matters, though…


Probably one of the more high-profile events during the trip, Charlene was the guest of honor at Turffontein for Ladies Race Day. I’m not going to lie to you, folks: this one was bad. I mean, in my humble opinion, this was a complete disaster from head to toe. Normally I love what Charlene wears, and I’m always overflowing with complimentary words for her fashion choices, so on the rare moments when she makes a flub, I refuse to feel guilty over saying so. (That being said, feel free to disagree with me – I sort of hope some people out there do!)


The dress was awkward in all senses of the word, from the way it fit to the weird cut out and the sash-like belt. The hat makes me think of a 1930s-style chauffeur, only drunk because it’s lopsided. The shoes draw a fine line here: she actually changed shoes throughout the event, and I’m not sure which were first and which were second. Let me just say that the shoes in the photo above were a home run for me, while the shoes below (and in the first photo of her in this dress) looked so uncomfortable, and seemed to be pinching her feet in the most unceremonious way I can imagine. The only good part about this outfit was the bracelet, which looks super sparkly. While completely off-balance for a daytime event, I can at least give a nod of approval to diamonds.


There were a few other events that haven’t yet released photos, and it’s a shame because they were amazing. She was wearing this gorgeous red dress…and I want you to see it so badly! I suppose I shall have to save it for another post, if I can get my hands on some photos; until then, these will have to tide us over. Good luck to us all.

Now I’m off to go scream into a pillow over that zebra dress.