March 14, 2017

Happy Birthday to Prince Albert II!

Today is Prince Albert’s birthday, and I keep wondering how the weather is in Monaco. My mind goes there only because of the weather around me, which is blizzard-like and quite magical. I assume that it’s not balmy in Monaco yet, but they’re probably more on their way to springtime than we are here in upstate NY. All I know is that I am certainly hopeful for Albert and Charlene, that they might be able to celebrate in temperatures above-freezing and a lot less dangerous. I have so much respect for Albert as an individual, but let’s be real: the most important part of his life is his family, and in particular, his wife. And since this is a Charlene-centered blog, that suits me just fine. (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)


The look of love is one that these two do SO well. I could choose from so many different photos to demonstrate this, as these two are never stingy with their love-eyes toward one another. But since this is just a quick, little birthday wish for Albert, I will settle on just one photo, wishing him this level of happiness for another year ahead.

On a non-birthday-related note, I would love to share with you some photos published of the most recent sport Princess Charlene has taken up:


Water biking! In the most literal sense of the word. A bike that floats on the waves, catamaran style. All honesty here: what do you guys think of this sport? I admit, it looks kind of ridiculous. Super fun, but ridiculous. Although I have to say, I did try a similar sport years ago, and it is way more difficult than it looks. Charlene’s quads must be solid, cause it’s no joke how much muscle this takes. These are Schiller S1 water bikes, which are quite different from what I used ages ago, but I suspect they carry an equivalent difficulty level.


The Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation will be hosting the Riviera Water Bike Challenge in Monaco this June, so stay tuned for more info in the coming months. There’s a gala coming up, I believe, so look for me again very soon (and cross your fingers for good pictures)! Once again, the happiest of birthdays to Albert today, and wishing him many happy returns.


  1. francisco paredes says:

    Saludos desde España, felicito su iniciativa. Riviera Water Bikes Challenge.

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