March 2, 2017

Photos of Charlene and the Twins in Paris Match

A quickie today here on the blog: Princess Charlene and her twin babies have been photographed for Paris Match magazine. I have seen three photos floating around the web; however, I am only able to legally use one (and yes, Facebook has been scoured!), but this is the best one out of all three anyway 😉 The photo, obviously, is courtesy of Facebook, and is all sorts of cute.

The first thought I had when viewing this photo was, Hm, how lovely to see a children’s play room without its being overwhelmed with toys. I’m so used to kids’ play areas that are ghastly, filled-to-the-brim with boxes and bins of toys. It’s sensory overload, and my kid always panics when we go over to another friend’s house simply because of the intense volume of STUFF. That being said, I was so pleasantly surprised that these children are not crowded out of their playroom. They have ample space (at least in as much as we can believe from a photo!), a large rug onto which they can spread out their play materials, and the space seems to encourage imaginative play with its muted tones. For the life of me, I cannot figure out why Charlene is spreading a onesie onto the rug – is she trying to tell us something? Future baby coming? I doubt it. But still, my mind goes there. Maybe it’s a little homage to the most recent birth of the family – Beatrice Borromeo’s baby was born on the 28th – but either way, I wish it were explained somehow. And maybe it is in the magazine article, ha!


I’ll quickly say that I love Charlene’s clothing here – the red blouse is super flattering, and I genuinely don’t have any criticisms of it. Love the jeans and the shoe-free perspective we get on Charlene as a mom, because what mom doesn’t get down on the floor with her kids? (Apparently the article also touched on her short-short hairstyle, which she has apparently stuck to for athletics. And probably also because raising twins is athletic in and of itself.) I also love Gabriella’s adorable turtleneck! I’ve been fixated on it now for a while, and I think the reason is this: I could totally see the Duchess of Cambridge wearing this in a grown-up size. I have no idea why this thought keeps coming to me, but it does! I love it, and that such a small girl has such impeccable sartorial taste. Also, and this is not fashion-related whatsoever, but what’s not to love about the sleepy, stuffed owl that is perched between the kids? SO adorable.

That’s it for today, kids – I couldn’t resist sharing this with you, even if it’s short and sweet!


  1. Vittoria says:

    She is obviously wrapping the onesie as a gift.

  2. Katie Coble says:

    Vittoria – I need your eyes, my friend. Thank you so much for clearing this up for me! I don’t know how I missed the curl of the wrapping paper beneath the onesie. That, and I’ve never seen a onesie wrapped like this instead of folded! My guess, especially after your observation, is that this was clearly intended as a gift for Beatrice and Pierre. Anyway, I am rambling now – thank you once again! :)

  3. I read in a French newspaper that Charlene is wrapping a gift for the newborn son of Beatrice and Pierre. As to the red blouse, there is only one word for it: Stupendous!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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