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March 23, 2017

The Three-Part Post: Princess Charlene’s Busy Week

Guys, this has been such a busy week for Charlene. And for me, too, apparently – it has taken me ages to get this post to you, and I send my apologies to all of you out there who were patiently waiting for it. On my end, things were so hectic that, a few days ago, I had to put writing this aside in favor of having a shower. And I love writing about Charlene…so let’s just say I needed a shower very, very much at that point. Ha!

On to the more pressing matters: Charlene’s busy week! (Photos courtesy of Facebook.) Our princess was hopping from one thing to the next lately, starting with preparations for the Sainte Dévote Rugby tournament.


As the tournament itself is hosted in part by the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation, the day before the tournament included a series of water safety workshops in which Princess Charlene participated and instructed.


We all know water safety and drowning prevention are issues near and dear to Charlene’s heart, so it came as no surprise to see her kick off her shoes and get to business in teaching the children. Actually, what I should say is that it didn’t come as a surprise to those of us who follow Charlene. To others out there, it may have been quite shocking to see a shoe-free princess squatting by the pool, or teaching CPR. Her ability to shrug off appearances for important issues is one thing that everyone can admire about her.


The youngsters participating seemed delighted by her presence and central involvement in their education, and she seemed equally honored to pass some of her life-saving skills onto the next generation.

The next day, Charlene and Albert attended the Sainte Dévote Rugby Tournament at Stade Louis II in Monaco, where Charlene of course got onto the fields to meet the participants.


Since I don’t particularly have feelings one way or another about rugby, I’ll just jump into the fashion. Charlene looked gorgeous! She wore an elegant, café-au-lait colored coat with a cabernet-colored scarf, looking regal and in her own style all at once – and sometimes, as we know, her own style can clash a bit with regal norms. But this time it was a win on both sides.


While the coat is elegance and simplicity itself, I certainly would qualify it as edgy in its own right. The length of the back almost gives this a bias cut – though I wouldn’t be courageous enough to call it an actual bias. Just multi-length or tiered? I don’t know how to classify it, but it is not the norm. And the curled lapels give it just the twist of originality that Charlene loves. Other than those two things, the coat is quite unembellished and exquisitely cut.


And look who made an appearance – little Gabby! Again, I laugh at myself for having a nickname for her, but I can’t help it. Her curls just get me every time. She actually reminds me quite a bit of my own child at that age: completely uninterested in making anyone’s acquaintance, and certainly uninterested in being the focus of attention.


Still, so adorable in her perfect mini-coat, askew bow, and clinging hands. I love the smile on Charlene’s face and the comfort that Gabriella obviously gets from being in mom’s arms.


And these two are also pretty darn perfect. Goals, guys.

And finally, the third part of this three part post: the Special Olympics!


Charlene went to Austria to support – and walk alongside! – the Monégasque participants of the Winter games 2017. Fashion wise, she was of course perfect: I loved the textured jumper-style jacket, bright red scarf, and the white hat. She actually stood out in the group, balancing their white and red pattern with a sort of opposite white and red pattern, honoring their flag and their unity.


One of my favorite parts of Charlene’s beauty regime is that, if she ever gets the chance to make her lip color a part of her ensemble, she does it with tremendously bold courage. This is an ultimate red that she is rocking here, and it matches the red on their outfits perfectly.


She looked so proud to be there, and so proud to be alongside these incredible people. Clearly this was an important event for her and for her country, and she seemed to have a very full heart while participating. A win in every sense of the word.

March 14, 2017

Happy Birthday to Prince Albert II!

Today is Prince Albert’s birthday, and I keep wondering how the weather is in Monaco. My mind goes there only because of the weather around me, which is blizzard-like and quite magical. I assume that it’s not balmy in Monaco yet, but they’re probably more on their way to springtime than we are here in upstate NY. All I know is that I am certainly hopeful for Albert and Charlene, that they might be able to celebrate in temperatures above-freezing and a lot less dangerous. I have so much respect for Albert as an individual, but let’s be real: the most important part of his life is his family, and in particular, his wife. And since this is a Charlene-centered blog, that suits me just fine. (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)


The look of love is one that these two do SO well. I could choose from so many different photos to demonstrate this, as these two are never stingy with their love-eyes toward one another. But since this is just a quick, little birthday wish for Albert, I will settle on just one photo, wishing him this level of happiness for another year ahead.

On a non-birthday-related note, I would love to share with you some photos published of the most recent sport Princess Charlene has taken up:


Water biking! In the most literal sense of the word. A bike that floats on the waves, catamaran style. All honesty here: what do you guys think of this sport? I admit, it looks kind of ridiculous. Super fun, but ridiculous. Although I have to say, I did try a similar sport years ago, and it is way more difficult than it looks. Charlene’s quads must be solid, cause it’s no joke how much muscle this takes. These are Schiller S1 water bikes, which are quite different from what I used ages ago, but I suspect they carry an equivalent difficulty level.


The Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation will be hosting the Riviera Water Bike Challenge in Monaco this June, so stay tuned for more info in the coming months. There’s a gala coming up, I believe, so look for me again very soon (and cross your fingers for good pictures)! Once again, the happiest of birthdays to Albert today, and wishing him many happy returns.

March 2, 2017

Photos of Charlene and the Twins in Paris Match

A quickie today here on the blog: Princess Charlene and her twin babies have been photographed for Paris Match magazine. I have seen three photos floating around the web; however, I am only able to legally use one (and yes, Facebook has been scoured!), but this is the best one out of all three anyway 😉 The photo, obviously, is courtesy of Facebook, and is all sorts of cute.

The first thought I had when viewing this photo was, Hm, how lovely to see a children’s play room without its being overwhelmed with toys. I’m so used to kids’ play areas that are ghastly, filled-to-the-brim with boxes and bins of toys. It’s sensory overload, and my kid always panics when we go over to another friend’s house simply because of the intense volume of STUFF. That being said, I was so pleasantly surprised that these children are not crowded out of their playroom. They have ample space (at least in as much as we can believe from a photo!), a large rug onto which they can spread out their play materials, and the space seems to encourage imaginative play with its muted tones. For the life of me, I cannot figure out why Charlene is spreading a onesie onto the rug – is she trying to tell us something? Future baby coming? I doubt it. But still, my mind goes there. Maybe it’s a little homage to the most recent birth of the family – Beatrice Borromeo’s baby was born on the 28th – but either way, I wish it were explained somehow. And maybe it is in the magazine article, ha!


I’ll quickly say that I love Charlene’s clothing here – the red blouse is super flattering, and I genuinely don’t have any criticisms of it. Love the jeans and the shoe-free perspective we get on Charlene as a mom, because what mom doesn’t get down on the floor with her kids? (Apparently the article also touched on her short-short hairstyle, which she has apparently stuck to for athletics. And probably also because raising twins is athletic in and of itself.) I also love Gabriella’s adorable turtleneck! I’ve been fixated on it now for a while, and I think the reason is this: I could totally see the Duchess of Cambridge wearing this in a grown-up size. I have no idea why this thought keeps coming to me, but it does! I love it, and that such a small girl has such impeccable sartorial taste. Also, and this is not fashion-related whatsoever, but what’s not to love about the sleepy, stuffed owl that is perched between the kids? SO adorable.

That’s it for today, kids – I couldn’t resist sharing this with you, even if it’s short and sweet!