February 14, 2017

Princess Charlene Wows in Red on Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all! I am normally quite ambivalent toward this holiday, and in previous years I have always insisted on making it more film-noir at home, complete with silk stockings, roses, and wine, rather than embracing the balloons, construction paper crafts and conversation hearts that usually engulf v-day. But this year, I’ve got to admit that I’m getting swept up into the tasteless charm of it all! Maybe because my kid is getting old enough to understand and enjoy it, so I get to do the same vicariously? Who knows. I was actually so into it this year that I had planned to do a post on Charlene’s various red dresses. But that idea was scrapped last-minute, because little did I know that she would surprise us by making an appearance today in a brand-new, bright red dress! Be forewarned, folks: I am getting all the feels from this one. (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)


This evening, Charlene and Albert stepped out to attend the Laureus World Sports Awards at the Salle des Étoiles in Monte Carlo. But I’m not wasting any time today – I couldn’t possibly care less about the event itself. My focus is purely on Charlene. And THIS DRESS.


I am nearly certain that this is a Louis Vuitton creation, but I am human and could be completely wrong. UPDATE: This gown is Herrera, and I find it to be divine: the ample fabric in the skirt and train (a train!!!), the embellished empire AND dropped waistlines, the sexy cold-shoulderline, and the appropriate-for-Valentine’s-Day sweetheart neckline – I mean. It is regal, vibrant, daring, chic, romantic and elegant all at once.


This shot gives us an idea of the back. The high backline is surprising to me – I would have expected a less conservative design – but I actually appreciate it. I can be extremely persnickety about balance, and the demure back of this gown seems to offset the plunging neckline just exquisitely.


This is an unfortunate picture, I know. I only show it to you so that you can get a look at these shoes. We can only see the toe here, but it reminds me very much of the pumps she wore to the Monte Carlo Rolex Masters last year. Certainly not the same shoes – those had a bright yellow heel, and could you imagine if that accidentally popped out from underneath this dress? The clash would be hideous. But the similarity of the toe makes me want to pin these shoes as Dior. Though it’s hard to tell with just a toe 😉 UPDATE: These shoes are not Dior at all, but Jimmy Choo. And they’re perfect.


Also worthy of note: while hair and makeup were impeccable – you know how much I love a red lip – has anyone else gotten the feeling that Charlene may be going a few shades darker with her hair? I’m not sure if it was the lighting or what, but it suits her very nicely. I would be so pleased if she changed it up with a different shade, even though the pixie-blonde has sort of become her signature style. This darker tone, combined with the bold, dark-red lip, certainly took me off-guard. But not in a bad way!


And…these EARRINGS! I’m not sure if these are new or perhaps just making a resurrection, but I certainly cannot recall having seen them recently. To the best of my knowledge, anyway. These are some of the longest earrings she has – no? They almost graze her collarbone. I like them very much, and while I am quite sure the diamonds are as real as real can be, they don’t quite have a regal quality to me. Not that Charlene always has to dip into that category; au contraire, I rather like the fact that she has a modern, edgy twist to her style. I think Duchess Kate’s earrings from the BAFTAs have spoiled me on any other earrings in existence, at least for awhile. Ha!


Happy Valentine’s Day, my friends! And if you’re not coupled up, do me a favor and practice some self-love today. You are beautiful, and you deserve chocolate. Get it!


  1. Just one comment: STUNNING FROM HEAD TO TOE!!!!!

  2. Katie Coble says:

    Myriam – we are of one mind. YES! :)

  3. wow, is just stunning, happy valentine charlene, and your adorable kids!!

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