January 25, 2017

Happy Birthday, Princess Charlene!

A happy new year to all of you, dear readers! 2017 is off to a bang-up start here in the USA, with some of the most amazing women’s marches across the country having taken place last weekend. It has been empowering and uplifting to see so many women and men of all backgrounds coming together to celebrate women, and more amazing was to see this same spirit around the world: it brought tears to many of our eyes to witness likeminded humans across the planet joining together for women’s rights. Even though royals obviously have every necessity to remain mum about political agendas, I like to think that our royal women – Charlene, Kate, Letizia, Elizabeth II, Victoria, Madeleine, etc. – would have loved to shed their titles for the day and join us in our movement. Therefore, I dedicate Charlene’s birthday post to her role as a powerful woman in the world, and the stunning example that she sets for women worldwide.

Today, Charlene turns 39, and she has accomplished so much as a role model for women in her life. In her athletic career and in her public role, fashion-wise and mother-wise, speaking out for children’s safety and education: she is a slayer. She will, undoubtedly, continue to slay it for women of all walks of life, whether we’re stay-at-home mothers, executives, athletes, artists, or all of the above (yes!). Here are some ways she has worked it over the last year. (Photos courtesy of Facebook and Getty.)

2She sat at the table with the Dalai Lama, advocating for children.


She got on the ground and taught kids how to perform CPR.


She helped out at the Red Cross, multiple times.

She wore spiked high-heeled boots to a rugby match (another YES!).

3She led up water safety workshops for kids – again, multiple times.

She was awarded the Blue Ribbon Award, which is actually a HUGE honor, for her humanitarian work surrounding children.

11Oh, and she raised twins through their first two years of life and didn’t lose her mind in the process. That by itself could hold this post from beginning to end.


Wishing Princess Charlene the happiest of birthdays, and sending her huge thanks for being a lovely role model for women and our young daughters everywhere!


  1. Katie, I fully agree with what you wrote about our lovely Princess. In my humble opinion she is a shining example of how a modern Princess should set an example not only to her compatriots but to all women round the world! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BELOVED CHARLENE!!!!!

  2. Katie Coble says:

    Yesssss, Myriam!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Princess Charlene! Keep up the good work of being a mother, daughter, sister, wife and working royal. Perhaps another baby might be in the cards? XOXOXO

  4. Jenny Hammond says:

    I have always liked and admired Charlene. Her straightword, simple and always elegant approach to everything is admirable.

    She has shown remarkable tenacity in adapting to her new life in a new country. Her work in teaching children to swim is fantastic and I hope this important initiative keeps growing.

    She has a beautiful family and I hope that one day, her children will strive to emulate her. She is truly a modern, no fuss royal.

    She makes me so proud to be a fellow South African.

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