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January 27, 2017

The Feast of Sainte Dévote

For those of you who have been following for a couple years now, today’s celebration in Monaco will be no surprise to you. But for those of you who are new to this site, first of all, welcome!, and second, let me introduce you to Monaco’s patron saint, Sainte Dévote, whose feast day is celebrated today. Sainte Dévote was not actually from Monaco, but her martyred body drifted ashore there, guided by an angelic dove. When her body was discovered, she received a proper, Christian burial, and has since looked after the principality. The Monégasque people have always been fiercely protective of their saint, to the extreme of burning a theif’s boat after he unsuccessfully tried to steal her relics some 900 years ago. As a reminder of their loyalty (and as an invocation of her protection), every year the people of Monaco burn a boat in honor of Sainte Dévote. (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)


The custom of boat-burning takes place on the eve of Sainte Dévote’s feast, where the Princely family proceeds from the chapel to set a boat ablaze. Charlene never fails to attend, even just after having given birth to her twins a couple years ago. This is one of my absolute favorite events of the entire year, mainly because of the spectacle of the whole thing. The bright yellow flames against the dark night sky, the glowing-white chapel in the background, the fully-robed priests bringing a sacred gravity to the ritual – it’s all so theatrical and mesmerizing.


But I know y’all just came here for the fashion 😉 Just kidding. Sort of.


I am always so thrilled to see what Charlene chooses to wear for the boat-burning. Last night, she looked so chic I could have cried. She chose a charcoal grey turtleneck – should I even be calling this a turtleneck? It’s high enough on the neckline, but that word doesn’t jive with me. Maybe just a high-necked blouson with a notched collar? Whatever it was, it oozed elegance and finesse.


She paired the grey with an extraordinary, aubergine cape. The cape does have slits in it for her arms, but she opted not to use them. Why? I have no idea. Perhaps it was just slightly too chilly in the night air, and she needed the extra fabric. Whatever the reason, the draping of the cape made for a very dramatic effect, and you already know how much I love the wine color on Charlene. Yessssss.


Hard to see here, I know, but she paired this with high, yet flat, black boots. A suitable choice for her ensemble and for the cobblestones, I think.


Makeup, hair, jewelry, all on point. (As a sidenote, I’ve been looking through people’s opinions today just randomly on the internet, and many seem to be fixated on this idea that she may have had some plastic surgery done recently. I will definitely touch on that, but in a separate post.)


Today, the festivities continued with a full Mass at the cathedral, followed by the necessary balcony appearance. In a drastic opposition to the choice of colors last night, today Charlene went completely beige. If I had to choose, I would opt for the evening tones on Charlene – something about beige seems to wash her out, just from my perspective. But she did look lovely, and didn’t put a foot wrong.


The coat she chose had almost a mermaid flair to it, fitted through the hips and opening toward the claves. Very interesting. But I’ve got to be honest, my main obsession was the boots. These BOOTS, guys. I was in boot heaven.


Is this family adorable?! I wish we had some better pictures of the kids, but none of the ones I found really were worth sharing. This photo stole my heart though!



…these two. Look how cute they are. Insert little cartoon hearts all around them!


A happy Sainte Dévote’s day to you all!

January 25, 2017

Happy Birthday, Princess Charlene!

A happy new year to all of you, dear readers! 2017 is off to a bang-up start here in the USA, with some of the most amazing women’s marches across the country having taken place last weekend. It has been empowering and uplifting to see so many women and men of all backgrounds coming together to celebrate women, and more amazing was to see this same spirit around the world: it brought tears to many of our eyes to witness likeminded humans across the planet joining together for women’s rights. Even though royals obviously have every necessity to remain mum about political agendas, I like to think that our royal women – Charlene, Kate, Letizia, Elizabeth II, Victoria, Madeleine, etc. – would have loved to shed their titles for the day and join us in our movement. Therefore, I dedicate Charlene’s birthday post to her role as a powerful woman in the world, and the stunning example that she sets for women worldwide.

Today, Charlene turns 39, and she has accomplished so much as a role model for women in her life. In her athletic career and in her public role, fashion-wise and mother-wise, speaking out for children’s safety and education: she is a slayer. She will, undoubtedly, continue to slay it for women of all walks of life, whether we’re stay-at-home mothers, executives, athletes, artists, or all of the above (yes!). Here are some ways she has worked it over the last year. (Photos courtesy of Facebook and Getty.)

2She sat at the table with the Dalai Lama, advocating for children.


She got on the ground and taught kids how to perform CPR.


She helped out at the Red Cross, multiple times.

She wore spiked high-heeled boots to a rugby match (another YES!).

3She led up water safety workshops for kids – again, multiple times.

She was awarded the Blue Ribbon Award, which is actually a HUGE honor, for her humanitarian work surrounding children.

11Oh, and she raised twins through their first two years of life and didn’t lose her mind in the process. That by itself could hold this post from beginning to end.


Wishing Princess Charlene the happiest of birthdays, and sending her huge thanks for being a lovely role model for women and our young daughters everywhere!