December 18, 2016

Annual Children’s Christmas Party in Monaco

Here is the event we have all been waiting for this Christmas season: the annual children’s Christmas party at the Princely Palace! This year, the twins were old enough to partake in the festivities – somewhat. They still aren’t big enough yet to hand out parcels; however, they were able to delight in the Christmas decorations and the larger-than-life, costumed entertainers. And more fun was watching Charlene and Albert as they clearly enjoyed Christmas through their children’s eyes for the first time ever.

Upon arrival, the children did seem a little overwhelmed by all of the attention. The staircase itself was packed full with other kids, Christmas trees, decorations, and the – I’ll just come out and say it here – totally creepy, giant bunny and snowman. (Pictured in photos later in the post.)

The kids themselves looked positively adorable. I love, love, love how they both have such curly hair! The way Charlene pulls Gabriella’s curls into mini-ponytails is just so cute, and I think all women love little boys with longer, curly hair. I bet Charlene is waiting as long as possible before she has to cut off the baby hair and have Jacques look like a bigger boy!

Gabriella’s coat and boots are SO cute, too. Don’t get me wrong, Jacques always looks cute too, but there is nothing like dressing up a little girl. Her fur-trimmed coat is everything.

Jacques didn’t seem to mind the creepy costumed creatures, but Gabriella certainly did. I saw a photo somewhere – though admittedly I can’t seem to track it down now – of little Gabby just howling in tears to get away from that bunny. I don’t blame her. I would have done the same thing. (I still have that reaction to shopping-mall Santas. *Shudder.*) Also, I can’t show this pic without mentioning the adorable little girl who is peeking through the staircase. So cute!

Looking at Charlene’s outfit, I would say her theme for the day was dress-casual and billowy. From the outdoor photos, you can see that her bright red coat is a touch oversized, and she opted to leave it open and breezy. I absolutely love this coat, you guys! The crisp lines on it are divine, and the choice to leave such a coat as this open – well, it is very dramatic and unexpected. I loved the choice of red for the holidays, as overdone as it is by everyone, because it is still so festive and jubilant.

The pants were also quite lovely. Charlene is one of those women who doesn’t always cling to the skin-tight leggings, and I appreciate her for that. The wide-legged look is very chic right now, and while most people under this much sartorial scrutiny tend to veer away from anything too haute couture and stay in safe-zones, Charlene runs toward it with vigor and success. These particular pants appear to be a lovely tweed, and they are billowed from waist to ankle. Roomy, comfortable, and chic.

I suppose my only issue with the entire ensemble came when she removed the coat. While this blouse is absolutely gorgeous, I felt that the “billowy” theme was a bit overdone by the blouse. With the coat and trousers being roomy, I fully expected a more fitted blouse, and was surprised to see this. I suppose it is saved by being tucked into the waist, thus accenting Charlene’s gorgeous figure. Bottom line: the outfit is a win, but I would have preferred a slimmer top.

Oh, and the shoes didn’t do anything for me, personally, but I can see how people might love them. I, for one, do not.

But her makeup, hair, and jewelry did not disappoint! Lips were red (love), hair was bright and gorgeously voluminous (love), and these pearl-drop earrings almost looked like glimmering snowflakes. Absolutely exquisite.

I loved seeing Charlene around children again. Since becoming a mother, she has completely transformed into being everyone’s mother. There were children actually reaching out for hugs and holding her hands. She is the epitome of maternal instinct, and I love how she can’t seem to turn it off when the kids in question are not her own.

But my favorite part of the day was seeing the princely family together. The way they both light up when looking at their children, and sharing this day with them.

And…the way Albert can’t stop beaming at Charlene. Did anyone else notice this? He is besotted with his wife.

I half expect him to be gathering up his nerve here to ask her for a date. Cue the heart eyes!

And this one is for Beth, our dear reader who noticed Albert’s tie a few posts ago. Look at his tie today, all sorts of Christmas kitsch and cheer! He is all about the goofy charm and expression in his ties, and I am starting to love that part of his personality. Indeed, the whole day was charming all over, and the photos are a lovely celebration of the Christmas season.

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