December 10, 2016

Happy Birthday to the Twins!

You all know what day it is: it’s the twins’ birthday!!! The princely tots turn 2 years old today, which is undoubtedly a magical birthday for their doting parents. They’ve gone from itty-bitty babies to full-fledged, toddling children, probably complete with 2-year old tantrums and all the cuteness that makes up for those interspersed meltdowns. I enjoy two-year olds from the vantage point of photographs, mainly for this reason. Charlene herself even made a comment some months ago, in which she admitted an apprehension for the “terrible twos” to hit. Hopefully, these kids will go easy on mom and dad where emotional outbursts are concerned, and give them more of the perks of being big 2-year olds: eating more varied and reasonable foods, saying bye-bye to diapers (hopefully!), and journeying into a more independent lifestyle. The family celebrated in Monaco a few days ago, with a jungle-themed birthday party which was too cute for words. (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)

First, I shall give these adorable tykes some love:



They are, simply, the cutest little twins ever. I love how much they resemble their parents, and how vividly you can see the joy just emanating from their little faces. A true nod to good parenting on the part of Charlene and Albert.


I mean, just look at how happy they are! Gabriella’s outfit makes me think of a little ladybug. So stinkin’ cute. (And those sunglasses on Charlene are my faaaaavorite.)


They’re already starting to sit nicely for a meal, and at 2 years old, this is a lovely development. It probably varies from culture to culture and family to family, but I would say that this is appropriate for 2 years old. LOVELY for the parents, for sure! (And drinking through straws = yesssss!)


Charlene looked gorgeous for the party, too! I absolutely loved her ensemble. Plain black from head to toe, save for the black-and-white blazer, which eventually was removed. The blazer itself didn’t quite hit me one way or another, but I wasn’t too disappointed to see it removed. Something about the cut was disorienting for me, though she did wear it beautifully. See, I’m neither here nor there on it.


Jewelry was simple and elegant; hair was quite casual and not overly done-up at all. Makeup was neutral, and I’m guessing that’s just the way her babies like it!


I can hardly show this photo without mentioning the obvious: Charlene even has great taste in undergarments, my friends. She certainly did not intend for the photograph to be overly demonstrative (and indeed, it isn’t!) – all it shows is that Charlene is a class act from head to toe, even when nobody is looking. One should always wear impeccable and gorgeous undergarments, period.


My favorite shot of the day: the most gorgeous family portrait! This party looks like it was fun, lively, and a great treat for the adults and children combined. I love how Gabriella is so taken with the balloons here – my child would be doing the exact same thing. Wishing a very happy birthday to the children, and particularly to Charlene on her birthing-day! (Now stay tuned: Charlene is in India, y’all! More posts to come!)


  1. What is the design on Albert’s tie?

  2. Katie Coble says:

    Hi Beth – you get major points from me just for noticing Albert’s tie! Until you said something, I hadn’t even glanced at it. Which, in hindsight, seems almost impossible since the tie is SO loud. Upon close inspection, the tie seems to have a print of teddy bears performing various activities like opening presents, hiding behind trees, etc. My guess is that this tie has been hiding in his closet for ages, and somehow the kids found it and claimed it as their favorite. If that’s the case, it is SO CUTE that he wears it for them!! Such a sweet father :)

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