December 7, 2016

The Christmas Season in Monaco

Happy December to you all! I hope this merry season finds you up to your elbows in marshmallows and cocoa, holiday décor, and frosted windowpanes. Here in upstate NY, we just had our first true snowfall of the season, we’ve got nutcrackers and reindeer covering the living room, and our fluffy, down-filled duvet has come out of its annual retirement to ward off the chill. It’s official: winter is here. One of my favorite royal-themed events of the Christmas season is seeing the annual Christmas party in Monaco, as it is sometimes the only glimpse we have of the Monégasque royals this time of year. However, I am delighted to report that Charlene, Albert, and the twins were out and about, enjoying the season and getting the parties started early this year! (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)

First and foremost was the family event: the opening of Monaco’s Christmas Village at the Port of Monaco, where Charlene and Albert showed up with Jacques and Gabriella to ignite some holiday spirit in the tots.


Given that this is probably the first holiday season in which they have any clue what’s going on, the twins looked thrilled to pieces by the spectacle of Christmas.


Sometimes I think we adults have children purely to see them respond to Christmas. (My husband the cynic would turn that around, arguing that we have Christmas purely for our children.) It is absolutely glorious to see the joy in their eyes.


Charlene cracked me up a couple times – that motherly worry seems to emanate no matter how much you’re trained in front of cameras.


Perhaps the worry should have been focused on Gabby (ha! Look at me giving her a chummy nickname. They probably call her Ella, but I shall call her Gabby.), because get a load of that look on her face! She clearly is going to enjoy the Grand Prix in the future.


On to fashion. Charlene looked positively perfect for this outing (and I’m not just saying that because she is wearing almost exactly what I wear on a daily basis). She looked the way that any mom would look, taking her kids to the Christmas events on a chilly December night. Skinny jeans, divine black boots, a simple turtleneck, and the coat – might I dare call this a peacoat? It is so similar to a peacoat that I have, though mine is not nearly as lovely. This gorgeous piece is Michael Kors, and it takes the basic concept of the peacoat and elevates it to a chic degree, fit for a princess.


Makeup was quite subtle, which certainly looked lovely, but did surprise me very much. I think this may be one of the few times I’ve seen Charlene with bright red nails, but without matching lips. I don’t care though – she creates a natural glam when she goes with neutral shades, and I love it. Her hair had its usual, lovely volume, and her earrings were simple pearls. (And I have to mention that I am dying over Gabriella’s coat, too!)

Moving on to a more glamorous event…


Later that evening, Charlene attended the Bal de Noël in Monte Carlo for the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation. She looked positively radiant in a floor-length leaf detail gown by La Petite Robe di Chiara Boni. You can’t really tell in these photos, but the leaf detail that appears on the neckline also continues down through the hips of the gown, before the skirt a-lines out and billows beautifully. I really have no criticisms of this gown: it is divine on Charlene, highlighting her figure in just the right ways, while giving a nod to her spectacular shoulder line. And none of the waist cut-off that always drives me nuts! This is exactly the style I love in an evening gown!


And her earrings, you guys. I am floored by the beauty here. These seem to be leaf-detail earrings themselves, but I can’t see them close-up enough to give an affirmative on that. I can’t tell if the repeated leaf-shape is filled with gemstones or not, but either way, they are sparkly and exquisite. I hope to see them again, in more detail, so I can add them to my Christmas list! (Ha yeah right! A girl can dream, though…)


See you all soon for the twins birthday – in just a few days! Who else can’t believe these little ones are going to be two already?

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