November 20, 2016

Monaco National Day

As you all know, yesterday was National Day in Monaco! I have been poring over the images from all of the events, and I keep finding myself gobsmacked by all of the delicious fashion. Every time I turn around, it seems that another photo floors me with its beauty, and I am so eager to share them with you. So let’s not waste time – right to it! (Photos courtesy of Facebook and Getty.)


Before we get started in all the serious fashion moments, I have to take a few minutes to discuss Charlene and Jacques. Our princess took her little prince to the Monégasque Navy frigate to have a look around (and to learn!), and it was such a precious experience.


He got some first-hand knowledge that will undoubtedly come in useful for his future.


I am blissfully ignorant as to the designers she is wearing here, but I couldn’t possibly care less. She looked like the coolest mom ever. Those high, black leather boots? YES! Any mom wearing these gets my stamp of approval. And not only because I wear boots like these too (ok, maybe that’s one slight reason).

On to more pressing matters…

…the formal National Day celebration! Charlene chose to wear this absolutely stunning coat for the occasion, and it is particularly stunning since it has got such a lovely shape to it. The fitted waist and ever-so-slightly flared skirt are looks we have definitely seen Charlene wear before, but perhaps not as often as some other styles. The choice gives her some gorgeous shape – or rather, I should say, it highlights Charlene’s natural curves. The shine on the coat was a bit surprising, but not obtrusive or over-done. It just made the coat stand out in the crowd.

Once again, I find myself talking hats – look at this topper! I mentioned in the last post how Charlene seems to know the subtle fashion nuances between different countries, and this particular choice seems to highlight that. I playfully called her last hat “British-chic,” and if that was the case, this is certainly French-chic. I absolutely loved this choice! The shape, the accented rim, the flower embellishments – parfait!


I have no idea how her hair was under the hat, nor do I care, because the hat was simply that perfect. However, I am loving the match between her lips, nails, and the flowers on her hat, and the jewelry was appropriately subtle to let the other elements take center stage.


I have to say, the one detail I didn’t love about this ensemble was the footwear. I am just not a fan of kitten heels on anyone. But I can forgive them in this photo, where we get to see everyone interacting with little Jacques.

And speaking of interaction with babies…


…there’s Gabriella! She has changed so much since the last time I saw her. That hair! She is the image of Albert, and Jacques seems to be the image of Charlene.


The look of love between father and daughter…this photo makes me swoon. I mean!

And moving on…one more event to cover here tonight:

The National Day Gala! Charlene was positively regal and glowing in a floor-length, embellished, white Akris gown, with matching floor-length coat. The combination of coat and gown was what got me the most, even though the gown was drop-dead gorgeous on its own. Here is a look at the gown, sans coat:

Sleeveless and stunning, particularly with the regal sash. We’ve seen so many photos of Princess Grace with that sash, it’s very dramatic to see on Charlene as well.

In terms of makeup, Charlene changed things up for the evening gala, going subtle on her lips and dramatic with the eyes. It’s amazing to see how, in one day, she can do a complete transformation on all counts: lips vs. eyes, black vs. white, hat vs. hair, short vs. long, etc. It’s almost as though she chose these combinations on purpose, just to show us how versatile her glamour can be. I love it.

Well, friends, I’m not sure about you, but I’m experiencing some sensory overload after that post. WHEW! A stunning National Day, gorgeous babies (brace yourselves – in less than a month I’ll be calling them toddlers!), breathtaking fashion, and super-mom action all at once. It doesn’t get much better than this!


  1. Katie, this national day was remarkable. Charlene did not put a foot wrong, all day long. She outshone herself. My two favourite photos are: Charlene with Jacques arriving at the frigate and the look between Albert and Gabriella. It reminded me of the look between my father and myself, being an only daughter. For her visit to the frigate Charlene wore a new Ralph Lauren jacket and old Stuart Weitzman boots. Many thanks Katie for your lovely blog.

  2. Karin Bloem says:

    Breathtaking, stunning, I felt goosebumps when I saw Charlene in that evening gown and coat. She looked every inch like a fairytale princess! All the outfits were lovely, so were the children and the Prince looked very elegant too, and proud of his gorgeous wife and lovely children, but our Princess just stole the show. Bring it on, Katie, although I don’t know how she is going to top this one.

  3. Lovely post. Perfect national day stylingwise. To me Jaques looks a lot like his grand-dad Rainier with only a touch of Charlene. What do you think?

  4. They have the most adorable children I’ve ever seen, and are the most beautiful family! I hope Charlene is happy.

  5. Katie Coble says:

    Hi Imke! Very interesting take on the family resemblance. I certainly can see a bit of Rainier here, though to my eye, I see Jacques favoring Charlene. But these things are always so subjective! I love hearing the different resemblances people notice. I, for one, never looked like my grandmother at all, until someone stopped us on the street and insisted we had the same chin. HA! Such fun 😉

  6. Katie Coble says:

    Hi Myriam – it took me so long to reply, I do apologize! I, too, am an only daughter, and that photo showing Albert’s look toward Gabriella just melted my heart. Thank you, too, for the fashion IDs on Charlene’s visit to the frigate! The whole national day was heaven, thank you so much for adding to it :)

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