November 18, 2016

The Red Cross: Princess Charlene Meets with Refugees

She’s back in Monaco, my friends! Princess Charlene was on her own turf yesterday, as she and Albert handed out relief packages to refugees at the Red Cross in Monaco. The annual package distribution is an element that leads up to their National Day celebrations, and is quite a lovely way for the Princely family to promote the work of the Red Cross.

Charlene looked elegant and appropriate for the event, mirroring the Red Cross’s colors of red and white in her sensational – and extremely chic – ensemble. I always love how Charlene really glams it up for occasions such as this one: it shows how much respect she has for the event and the Red Cross itself.

The white coat here is luxuriously spacious and billowed, providing ample cover for the chillier weather this time of year. The dress beneath is the exact same shade, with a structured base and a longer, sheer overlay. While it’s a bit difficult to notice in most photos, you can see it if the coat is hanging in just the right way. Behold:

See? Lovely!

Charlene’s pixie cut looked luscious and voluminous. Has anyone else noticed that she’s been styling it bigger than it is? I’m not sure how she accomplishes this sort of volume with such little to work with, but it’s breathtaking and creates almost a crown of hair.

The red elements of this appearance were my absolute favorite part of this outfit. The Jimmy Choo heels were heart-stopping, her red nail lacquer was on-point, and the way she complemented them with her fiery-red lips was perfect!

In terms of makeup, she seems to have chosen neutral bronze over her eyes, perhaps to make her lips the focal point. It worked! I know I’ve droned on and on about her lipcolor before, but she is one of the few royals out there who is daring enough to go for the boldest, brightest reds she can find. And I LOVE her for it. I can’t recall Kate ever going for this bright of a shade before, and while she might not choose the exact same shade due to her skintone, I would very much like to see her embrace a bolder lipcolor. That was a tangent, sorry!

Back to Charlene. Earrings were Dior, and as usual, they complemented the ensemble without much effort.

This was a huge win, not only for the fashion, but for the cause. Reaching out to refugees and providing aid is one of the most beautiful things the Red Cross does, and our heartfelt thanks goes out to the marvelous work they do. May we all be so blessed to care for others, especially in the holiday months in which we find ourselves. See you all again soon – National Day awaits us!


  1. Karin Bloem says:

    Thank you for this wonderful blog. This amazingly elegant princess never fails to impress with her stylish clothes, jewellery, make-up and slightly mysterious reserve. I just love your blog and the way in which you delight in this beautiful woman. I am so proud to be a South African, knowing that Charlene is not shy of her roots either. I look forward to your next post.

  2. Katie Coble says:

    You’re so welcome, Karin, and thank you for being here! I, too, wonder if she will ever top this particular National Day. I often find myself wondering that, and she always pulls through for us in the end. Stay tuned, I’m sure she will not disappoint! 😉

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