November 16, 2016

Remembrance Sunday Services: Charlene in London, Continued

The London series hasn’t finished yet, folks, as I come to you today bearing gorgeous photos from Remembrance Sunday services. I’m still agog that we had the treat of seeing our princess in London, since it’s such a royal hotspot and we don’t see her there too often. This particular sighting from the weekend sent my heart aflutter. (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)

While Charlene clearly wouldn’t have appeared on the balcony along with Kate, Camilla, and Sophie, she certainly did pay her respects to the fallen heroes by attending services at Westminster Abbey and laying a wreath.


I read somewhere, though admittedly I cannot recall where, that Charlene was quite moved by the services – and really, who wouldn’t be? These services are designed to move the soul, and I appreciate the fact that she took her duty and embraced it with her spirit. Those of us who have been following Charlene for years have always noted her warm heart, and it was touching to see it proven.


It wasn’t Charlene’s first time at Westminster Abbey – obviously, she did attend the nuptials between Kate and William. But I assume this visit gave her more of a chance to see the spectacular architecture and artwork that is the Abbey.


But I must remember the focus of this blog: fashion! My dear readers, are you seeing how stunningly gorgeous Charlene looks here? I remember saying it about her ensemble for Kate’s wedding: she really knows how to dress British-chic when she’s in London. I give her such applause for that. To have the sensibility to catch those subtle nuances of fashion as they shift from place to place, it’s really something that requires a sharp eye. She’s got it down.


This coat is absolutely stunning. The grey was somber enough for the services, but still added a little depth of color to her appearance. Charlene certainly could have chosen an all-black ensemble, as she looks so heavenly in black, and she did go totally black underneath the coat. That being said, I still appreciate how she offset the black with a touch of grey here. And see the structured shape from the back of the coat, it’s completely divine:


These shoes were surprising – I haven’t seen Charlene opt for a chunky heel very frequently, if ever. I usually loathe a chunky heel, but these don’t offend me, perhaps because of their generous height. I think my loathing usually comes from the short-and-chunky style, which is popular among many other than myself.


And the quintessential British element: the topper! Are we going to call this a pillbox hat? I’m unsure because of its structure, but whatever you call it, it’s quite lovely and quite an unusual choice for Charlene. The bow detailing gives it almost a cute-ish vibe, and she generally doesn’t lean toward cute. But somehow she makes it work, probably because of the obvious high-quality of the hat, the way it draws attention to her bright-blonde hair, perfect makeup, and Dior earrings, and the fact that she paired up her ensemble very, very carefully. This entire ensemble hit it out of the ballpark, and it absolutely made this London visit worthwhile for me. A total win!


  1. Katie, Many thanks for these gorgeous photos. Everything about her is divine: from the top of her head to the tip of her toes!!! Thanks again.

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