November 14, 2016

Charlene in London

For many of us, it has been a bitter week here in the United States, and I come to you today in hopes of soldiering on from it. For those of you who may be in other countries or have been living under rocks, “we” elected a new president this week, and it has left the nation even more divided than the election that preceded it. Thank goodness for my preoccupation with royals and Charlene, because they have provided a great reprieve from the rancorous realities that have been causing me to binge on junk food and whiskey (real talk).

The more important focus of this past week ought to be Veterans Day, in which we commemorate those who have served in our armed forces throughout the world. We all enjoy watching the remembrance services in London, and this week we got the special treat of seeing Princess Charlene of Monaco there too!

Charlene was in attendance at Twickenham to cheer on the South African rugby team, and she enjoyed the game next to Prince Harry. This, of course, sparked so many media outlets to shout “Where’s Meghan?!” in reference to Harry’s new girlfriend. I was so hoping that I wouldn’t have to cover any news regarding this topic, because I find it vastly boring. Don’t get me wrong, I naturally want Prince Harry to find his happiness, and if the lady in question were Emma Watson or Michelle Dockery, I’d be delving out the heart eyes by the truckload. But this particular partnership catches my interest in the same way as, say, a plate of cauliflower. I’m bored by it…and particularly annoyed that people jumped to that response in the face of the gorgeous Princess Charlene!

Let’s be real, the true story here is that Charlene looked absolutely divine in the stadium this weekend. She wore such a delicious coat – it actually reminded me very much of the coat that Kate has so often worn to the Remembrance Sunday services at the Cenotaph, perhaps due to the button detailing and the angles. The coats are actually not similar when you look at them side-by-side, but they do have similar qualities. And these boots are chic perfection!!!

I think the one thing that threw me off was the appearance of a white, button-down neckline under the coat. It reminds me very much of those episodes of the Mary Tyler Moore show, in which Mary Richards goes to work dressed like a man. It’s probably the only thing I would have changed about this outfit.

The hair was absolutely perfect – not a strand out of place. I’m not sure how the royals are able to pull this off, because even if I layer on the hairspray, my hair always gets everywhere, particularly when I’m outdoors. And Charlene’s bright red lips absolutely killed it! I love when she goes bold, and this pairing of black with bright red is classic glamour. I suspect burlesque queen Dita von Teese would be giving the thumbs up on this one. And the earrings, of course, are the unstoppable Dior pair that match everything.

And then, after the match and before returning to Monaco, Charlene participated in the World Rugby Awards 2016, wearing this long, poufy Carolina Herrera gown (below). I have such mixed feelings on this one, it’s hard to get my mind straight. It almost feels like I’m experiencing sensory overload just looking at it. The sheer of the shell, the big bow, the strappy under-dress, the buttons, the billowing skirt and its detailing – it’s all a bit much for me. I don’t like it: it seems to be too big and spacious, suffocating Charlene in fabric. She carries it off, but I wouldn’t go so far as to categorize this as a win. (Photo courtesy of Facebook.)
The win that does happen here, though, is the jewelry. My heavens! The earrings and the necklace…I need a better look. Ah! There is another thing to dislike about the dress: the neckline interferes with this fantastic jewelry. How many of you out there want to pull down that neckline just to get a look at the diamonds? I do!

Though it was a tough week for many, we did get this unusual treat of seeing Charlene out and about in London, and that was warming for us. Though England did eventually win out over South Africa, I hope the team felt her warmth from the stands, as I know we did, even from afar. Sending love to all of you, and particularly all of our veterans who are recognized and remembered this week.


  1. Katie, I tend to agree with you re the Carolina Herrera gown. The colour suits Charlene to perfection. I think that if had no collar, her stunning jewellery would emphasise her magnificent neck and we would be able to see them better!!! Did you see the photos of when she went to lay a wreath on the tomb of South African soldiers? She looked lovely wearing a pillbox hat.

  2. Katie Coble says:

    Yes, I saw those photos – so gorgeous!! Post coming up! :)

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