November 1, 2016

A Princess in New York

While we all know that the Princely couple can make the voyage from Monaco to New York as many times as they please, it’s always lovely to see them make the most of an overseas trip by having multiple engagements. It’s certainly more convenient for them to take in all of their meetings during one trip – especially when they’re probably aching to get back to the little ones at home. To that end, during their visit to the Big Apple for the Princess Grace Awards, Charlene made a few other stops: an important meeting with Michael Bloomberg, and an exhibition given at Cartier for the Princess Grace Foundation. (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)


I’ll start with the meeting with Bloomberg. The former mayor of NYC and Charlene have their philanthropic foundations in common, and they met to discuss water safety and drowning prevention – important to each of them, and something which they would both like to emphasize in terms of public awareness.


Charlene looked positively beautiful at the meeting, sporting a professional, dignified, and chic Roland Mouret dress. I swear, whenever Charlene is looking to impress, all she has to do is reach for Roland Mouret. I swoon at these lines and the crisp tailoring. I only wish we had a full-length photo! Also on display were her Dior pearl earrings and a simple strand of pearls on her neck, once again sartorially on-point for a professional meeting.

On to the next!

Charlene also visited Cartier, a long-standing supporter of the Princess Grace Foundation. At the store, they were exhibiting photos of Princess Grace and her family – along with jewelry, of course!


This may be one of Charlene’s most surprising outfits since I’ve started blogging about her. I don’t know about you, but I loved it. The high-waisted, patterned skirt is 100% Dior, and the blouse remains a mystery to me – though in all likelihood, it is probably also Dior.


I was very taken aback by so many aspects of this outfit: the straps, the exposed shoulders, the pencil skirt. Even the earrings were new and surprising to me. I’ll start with the blouse: we almost never see Charlene in something like this. The color was divine, the cold-shoulder element unexpected, and the detailing on the “straps” (for want of a better word) was eye-catching and exquisite. I know Charlene usually takes fashion risks without pause, but this one was unprecedented and a complete success. I can see how some might find this look to draw too much attention to Charlene’s broader, swimmer’s shoulders, and I agree that it certainly does. But I would argue that it still looks wonderful on her, and I appreciate her willingness to wear what she likes, no matter what fashion mavens might dictate toward her physical features.

The skirt, too, was divine on her. I’ve seen her wear high-waisted bottoms before, but I’m scanning my memory (too lazy to scan my physical archives though, ha!) and I cannot remember ever seeing her in a high-waisted pencil skirt. Maybe once, several years ago, but quite before I started blogging on her. Anyway! The pattern on this, the way it contrasted with the blouse and complemented it all at once, and the way it highlighted her curves to perfection, left me breathless. It was so terrific.


I loved this moment when she was checking out the jewelry – I would be smiling, too! Given her excellent taste in jewels, I doubt she left the store without a few things. I hope, at least. Speaking of which…


…does anyone recognize these earrings? I can’t place them. They are, perhaps, new, and I would take a romantic guess that they might be Cartier, simply as a nod to her visit.


It was sweet seeing Charlene around the photos of Princess Grace. So many of us pull up comparisons between these two Princesses of Monaco, and indeed they are very comparable. It’s almost hard to remember that, more importantly than their similarities, they are mother and daughter-in-law.


I can’t leave the post without mentioning the gorgeous lady on the left, too – what a beautiful dress! I wish I could have seen her whole outfit straight-on. Her hair, her earrings, and at least the shape of this dress are heaven. Applause!!


A lovely few days in the City that Never Sleeps for the Princely couple. I certainly hope they enjoyed their time Stateside, and I hope even more that they’re back with their babies by this point. Who else can’t believe they’re almost two??


  1. Katie, as usual you hit the nail on the head with your descriptions of Charlene’s outfits!!! I look forward and eagerly read your comments. Thank-you very, very much.

  2. Katie Coble says:

    Myriam, that is so nice – thank you! I enjoy your contributions as well, thank you for always sharing your thoughts. :)

  3. My pleasure. Keep up the good work!!!1

  4. Thank you for creating this blog! I discovered it this week and have been reading back through the archives. I really loved these outfits–she’s so pretty and modern-looking for royal. I don’t know if you’ve read David Zyla’s book on color analysis, but I’m thinking since Charlene has such a glow in that soft pink sparkly blouse (and shades of blue, lavender, and teal), she might be classified as an ‘iridescent summer’ in his system, a type he calls ‘the mysterious mermaid.’ Wouldn’t that be fitting?

    And I’m not sure why some fashion bloggers argue that she shouldn’t highlight her shoulders, since she was an athlete and they’re very striking. It seems like Hollywood costumers in Princess Grace’s era did highlight a strong shoulder line–I’m thinking of Jane Russell and Esther Williams–with off-the-shoulder dresses and tops.

  5. Hope, I agree totally with all your comments. All of us that admire Princess Charlene should be grateful and thankful to Katie for creating this blog and it is a way of keeping us up to date with our beloved Charlene. As to your comments re Charlene’s shoulders I think that they are an asset to her. They add to her striking figure and her magnificent carriage. Sometimes I have a sneaking suspicion that some comments arise from a form of jealousy.

  6. Katie Coble says:

    Hi Hope – I’m so glad you found the site and that you’re enjoying it! I completely agree with you and Myriam regarding Charlene’s shoulders. They are broader than most and absolutely gorgeous, and like you, I appreciate the fact that she seems to treat them as an asset rather than a challenge. It seems rather dated these days to judge women for how our bodies are shaped, wouldn’t you agree? I prefer to focus on the fashion itself! :)

    I haven’t read David Zyla’s book, but I am going to put it on my reading list for Thanksgiving. Thank you so much for the recommendation, I look forward to it!

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