October 27, 2016

Princess Grace Awards 2016

Oh, my friends. I do apologize for the tardiness of this post. You must have been worrying that my aforementioned cold had gotten the best of me and/or my family…and you would have been right. We’ve been a drippy mess around here, and to top it off we got our first snow of the season today (!!!), which did not impress me. But I now will shift gears and take you to the good stuff: a few nights ago, Charlene wowed crowds and royal watchers all over the globe by stunning New York City in a long, white Dior gown for the Princess Grace Awards.

As you all know, the Princess Grace Awards are a yearly event, and we all wait with bated breath to see what Charlene will wear. She never fails to look like perfection, even if her gowns aren’t to every royal watcher’s taste. Hopefully, every year we’re able to put our own sartorial preferences aside and be completely objective.

Case in point: this gown was not my flavor, and I know I’m a minority in that. That being said, the gown was also a slam dunk, home run, complete win – whatever you want to call it. I’ll go into why it wasn’t to my taste, but make no mistake about it: I still categorize this gown as a win.

Charlene always knocks our socks off when she wears white, and this was no exception. I was delighted to see white, especially after last year’s post that detailed all her black dresses of Octobers past. White is just as stunning with Charlene’s complexion as black, and I’m glad she gives it some good coverage. The long sleeves were seasonally appropriate and highly unusual on an evening gown, giving her a unique edge against all of the other gowns in attendance.

The skirt, too, was absolutely gorgeous with its wispy flow and airy lightness. Charlene herself is so lithe and graceful that whenever she wears anything wispy, I almost expect fairy wings to materialize over her shoulders and lift her away. Swoon!

I’ll be quick about the things I didn’t like (and be nice if you disagree, I’m sure you will!): the clovers, the separated sections, and the high neck. The clovers – and I know some royal watchers out there just loved them – continue to puzzle me. Perhaps it’s a nod to Princess Grace, as she and Charlene share an Irish heritage? I can’t fathom another reason for their presence. The way that only one appears on the top portion of the gown, while they are scattered on the bottom, makes the separation between the bodice and skirt even more noticeable. My personal taste is never to see the seam between bodice and skirt (as you all well know by now, as I’ve droned on and on about it in the past), and this made it even more evident. Given that, the high neck makes the bodice appear more like a long-sleeved t-shirt as opposed to the bodice of a gown, and that didn’t work for me either.

Back to things I love, though. Her hair – somehow she managed to style it! I love the pixie on her, and I was quite surprised to see her spike it a bit. Surprised in a good way, though, I do love how she takes risks. The makeup was absolute heaven, and her earrings. I mean! I could spend hours talking about how much I love this woman’s jewelry. These chandelier diamond earrings glittered in all the right ways, and put such a lovely emphasis on her long neck. I think a v-neck on the bodice, showing some décolletage, would have accentuated this even more and been absolutely radiant.

Likes and dislikes aside, this was a smash hit, and I was delighted to see our princess in New York. I hope you enjoyed these photos, and stay tuned for another New York-themed post in the very near future!


  1. Charlene’s gown was fit for a fairy tale Princess; just like she is. But what really bowled me over were those fabulous earrings!! Earrings to die for!!!!!! Alas, I can only dream about wearing them.

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