October 24, 2016

Princess Charlene Attends Rowing Championships

Good afternoon to you all! I hope you’re enjoying this crisp season, complete with its gloriously crunching, brightly-colored leaves and pumpkin-spiced lattes on every corner. In my neck of the woods, an autumn cold has been circulating, and the stealthy germ landed squarely on my family just in time for all the festivities. But screw it: we are going pumpkin picking anyway, runny noses and all. There is no way I am about to let a single-celled organism take over this perfect season. And behold, my stubborn insistence to enjoy life has paid off with a double Charlene appearance! Just a couple days ago, Princess Charlene attended the 2016 World Rowing Coastal Championships in Monaco, attending the prize ceremony and taking a voyage into the waters herself. She accentuated the visit with a wardrobe change, which makes all of us royal watchers doubly pleased, because let’s be honest: much of our fascination boils down to fashion. (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)


I’ll begin with the formal prize ceremony, which Charlene attended with Albert. She looked lovely in a tailored, blue-and-black pantsuit. Truth be told, I believe this to be a one-piece suit beneath the elaborate coat, which does not leave me enthusiastic. Something about one-pieces always feels a little too much like jammies to me. This one appears to be of an exquisite high quality, though, as far as these things go.


The pattern of the underneath suit is somewhat alarming to me…a diamond pattern always reminds me of some sort of costume, though I can’t really put my finger on it. A court jester? Perhaps. More striking is the fact that the pattern found its way to the side of the pantlegs, about which I am even less enthusiastic. It is certainly an edgy look, and fashion-forward, as Charlene never hesitates to go. And honestly, she pulls it off in a way that nobody else would – even I am left calling this outfit a win.


I think the “win” here for me, honestly, is the coat. My goodness, this struck me as completely beautiful. I don’t usually pair black and blue together, but Charlene has been doing it for years, and she sells me on it every time. This is beautifully embroidered, and the epitome of perfection in its length, tailoring, and fit. Not to mention Charlene’s jewelry – those heavenly diamond earrings! They are bursts of sparkle, and they offset the elegant, darker tones of her outfit in just the right way. Makeup was surprisingly subtle today – was anyone else thinking that a brighter shade on her lips might have been suitable? (I think I’m influenced by that time when she wore blue and black with bright pink lips at the Princely Palace…gorgeous.)


Charlene also took to the waters for this appearance, changing into a more casual, semi-sporty look by donning a black cowl-neck sweater, white windbreaker, black leggings, and navy suede boots.


I have to say, the boots surprised me here – perhaps she wanted to be in keeping with her blue-and-black pairing from the other portion of the day? They somehow feel out of place here. I understand the choice of boots – it is the season for them, after all – but would have expected something more waterproof, along the lines of Wellies. Why suede for a boat ride? Though I can’t deny that they’re really cute boots and I officially want them. Ha!


Once again, the color combo works surprisingly well, and the outfit was much more appropriate than the previous for this particular leg of the appearance. Applause and approval!


I was so glad to see Charlene out and about, and especially in her element. She looked at ease, comfortable, and like she was soaking up the atmosphere. Though it might not be the same type of experience as you get here in upstate NY, it looked like a lovely way to enjoy the fall season!


  1. Charlene always manages to pleasantly surprise us!!!! The colour combinations probably would look awful on someone else; but on her look superb! I think that her choice of make up was appropriate. Had she used a bright coloured lipstick it would have been the focal point in her face and with her choice of make up her earrings were the main point of attraction, rightly so.

  2. Katie Coble says:

    Hi Myriam! You make a very good point about the makeup – bright lips probably would have been distracting. Upon reflection, this was truly the best choice she could have made. Thank you for your input, as always!

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