October 6, 2016

Charlene and Albert Lay the First Stone of School

Happy October to you all, dear readers! It is my favorite month of the year, and what with family birthdays and anniversaries, it is also my busiest. I find myself swimming in crepe paper, party hats, and birthday banners, all while combing undeniable amounts of cake frosting out of my hair (how did it get there, though?!). Combine that with pumpkin picking and Halloween costume-making, and your favorite Charlene blogger is running out of steam. I had to shoo my family out of the house this afternoon so that I could get a hot second to write about Charlene’s engagement a couple days ago, when the Princely couple laid the first stone for a new high school in Monaco. (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)


As you can see, the stone-laying is purely symbolic and ornamental, but it is a special occasion no less. The couple deposited a few coins inside the marble stone, which bore the colors of Monaco and the date, as well as a small scroll that detailed the event.


Being a Catholic nation, the stone was additionally blessed by Monseigneur Barsi. The school itself should be up and running by fall of 2019.

Onto the fashion!


Our princess looked amazing today, donning a bright blue Roland Mouret dress with matching shoes. She has worn Roland Mouret so many times this year, and I am delighted with each dress! I’m not sure whether or not the designer has Charlene in mind when sculpting these creations, but they suit her to perfection, highlighting her statuesque figure and giving her a clean, polished look. It seems that they have the edgy quality without going to the extreme of looking unfinished – difficult to capture, but perfect for Charlene’s fashion sense.


Can we also take a minute to discuss the re-cropped tresses and the jewelry?! I will start with her hair – it’s a pixie again, and I’m so in love with it! Somehow this haircut just jives with Charlene so well, and I’m glad to see her embracing that. I love it long, too, but she really pulls off the super-short hair with aplomb. (Also note that she has toddlers at home, so this might be a convenient haircut as well!) Now, to the jewelry. I wish so badly that we could have had a better look at these earrings, because hello. Those look like some gorgeous diamonds from where I’m sitting, though I could be completely off. It’s just not a good angle on these photos, and I can’t tell what I’m seeing here. All I know is that they must be dynamite. Let’s hope we see these in another engagement – with some better photos – soon!


  1. Katie, Many thanks for keeping us up to date with my favourite Princess. Charlene, should always stick to these bright and vibrant colours; because they suit her to perfection. In my opinion she is one of the very, very few that can carry such a short hairstyle and at the same time look very royal. Many thanks again.

  2. Katie Coble says:

    Thank you too, Myriam! I completely agree about the colors and the hairstyle. Somehow she makes the pixie cut look regal?! It must have to do with the way she naturally carries herself; it’s very striking. Wouldn’t you like to see her in a tiara with this haircut?! It would be unprecedented!

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