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October 27, 2016

Princess Grace Awards 2016

Oh, my friends. I do apologize for the tardiness of this post. You must have been worrying that my aforementioned cold had gotten the best of me and/or my family…and you would have been right. We’ve been a drippy mess around here, and to top it off we got our first snow of the season today (!!!), which did not impress me. But I now will shift gears and take you to the good stuff: a few nights ago, Charlene wowed crowds and royal watchers all over the globe by stunning New York City in a long, white Dior gown for the Princess Grace Awards.

As you all know, the Princess Grace Awards are a yearly event, and we all wait with bated breath to see what Charlene will wear. She never fails to look like perfection, even if her gowns aren’t to every royal watcher’s taste. Hopefully, every year we’re able to put our own sartorial preferences aside and be completely objective.

Case in point: this gown was not my flavor, and I know I’m a minority in that. That being said, the gown was also a slam dunk, home run, complete win – whatever you want to call it. I’ll go into why it wasn’t to my taste, but make no mistake about it: I still categorize this gown as a win.

Charlene always knocks our socks off when she wears white, and this was no exception. I was delighted to see white, especially after last year’s post that detailed all her black dresses of Octobers past. White is just as stunning with Charlene’s complexion as black, and I’m glad she gives it some good coverage. The long sleeves were seasonally appropriate and highly unusual on an evening gown, giving her a unique edge against all of the other gowns in attendance.

The skirt, too, was absolutely gorgeous with its wispy flow and airy lightness. Charlene herself is so lithe and graceful that whenever she wears anything wispy, I almost expect fairy wings to materialize over her shoulders and lift her away. Swoon!

I’ll be quick about the things I didn’t like (and be nice if you disagree, I’m sure you will!): the clovers, the separated sections, and the high neck. The clovers – and I know some royal watchers out there just loved them – continue to puzzle me. Perhaps it’s a nod to Princess Grace, as she and Charlene share an Irish heritage? I can’t fathom another reason for their presence. The way that only one appears on the top portion of the gown, while they are scattered on the bottom, makes the separation between the bodice and skirt even more noticeable. My personal taste is never to see the seam between bodice and skirt (as you all well know by now, as I’ve droned on and on about it in the past), and this made it even more evident. Given that, the high neck makes the bodice appear more like a long-sleeved t-shirt as opposed to the bodice of a gown, and that didn’t work for me either.

Back to things I love, though. Her hair – somehow she managed to style it! I love the pixie on her, and I was quite surprised to see her spike it a bit. Surprised in a good way, though, I do love how she takes risks. The makeup was absolute heaven, and her earrings. I mean! I could spend hours talking about how much I love this woman’s jewelry. These chandelier diamond earrings glittered in all the right ways, and put such a lovely emphasis on her long neck. I think a v-neck on the bodice, showing some décolletage, would have accentuated this even more and been absolutely radiant.

Likes and dislikes aside, this was a smash hit, and I was delighted to see our princess in New York. I hope you enjoyed these photos, and stay tuned for another New York-themed post in the very near future!

October 24, 2016

Princess Charlene Attends Rowing Championships

Good afternoon to you all! I hope you’re enjoying this crisp season, complete with its gloriously crunching, brightly-colored leaves and pumpkin-spiced lattes on every corner. In my neck of the woods, an autumn cold has been circulating, and the stealthy germ landed squarely on my family just in time for all the festivities. But screw it: we are going pumpkin picking anyway, runny noses and all. There is no way I am about to let a single-celled organism take over this perfect season. And behold, my stubborn insistence to enjoy life has paid off with a double Charlene appearance! Just a couple days ago, Princess Charlene attended the 2016 World Rowing Coastal Championships in Monaco, attending the prize ceremony and taking a voyage into the waters herself. She accentuated the visit with a wardrobe change, which makes all of us royal watchers doubly pleased, because let’s be honest: much of our fascination boils down to fashion. (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)


I’ll begin with the formal prize ceremony, which Charlene attended with Albert. She looked lovely in a tailored, blue-and-black pantsuit. Truth be told, I believe this to be a one-piece suit beneath the elaborate coat, which does not leave me enthusiastic. Something about one-pieces always feels a little too much like jammies to me. This one appears to be of an exquisite high quality, though, as far as these things go.


The pattern of the underneath suit is somewhat alarming to me…a diamond pattern always reminds me of some sort of costume, though I can’t really put my finger on it. A court jester? Perhaps. More striking is the fact that the pattern found its way to the side of the pantlegs, about which I am even less enthusiastic. It is certainly an edgy look, and fashion-forward, as Charlene never hesitates to go. And honestly, she pulls it off in a way that nobody else would – even I am left calling this outfit a win.


I think the “win” here for me, honestly, is the coat. My goodness, this struck me as completely beautiful. I don’t usually pair black and blue together, but Charlene has been doing it for years, and she sells me on it every time. This is beautifully embroidered, and the epitome of perfection in its length, tailoring, and fit. Not to mention Charlene’s jewelry – those heavenly diamond earrings! They are bursts of sparkle, and they offset the elegant, darker tones of her outfit in just the right way. Makeup was surprisingly subtle today – was anyone else thinking that a brighter shade on her lips might have been suitable? (I think I’m influenced by that time when she wore blue and black with bright pink lips at the Princely Palace…gorgeous.)


Charlene also took to the waters for this appearance, changing into a more casual, semi-sporty look by donning a black cowl-neck sweater, white windbreaker, black leggings, and navy suede boots.


I have to say, the boots surprised me here – perhaps she wanted to be in keeping with her blue-and-black pairing from the other portion of the day? They somehow feel out of place here. I understand the choice of boots – it is the season for them, after all – but would have expected something more waterproof, along the lines of Wellies. Why suede for a boat ride? Though I can’t deny that they’re really cute boots and I officially want them. Ha!


Once again, the color combo works surprisingly well, and the outfit was much more appropriate than the previous for this particular leg of the appearance. Applause and approval!


I was so glad to see Charlene out and about, and especially in her element. She looked at ease, comfortable, and like she was soaking up the atmosphere. Though it might not be the same type of experience as you get here in upstate NY, it looked like a lovely way to enjoy the fall season!

October 6, 2016

Charlene and Albert Lay the First Stone of School

Happy October to you all, dear readers! It is my favorite month of the year, and what with family birthdays and anniversaries, it is also my busiest. I find myself swimming in crepe paper, party hats, and birthday banners, all while combing undeniable amounts of cake frosting out of my hair (how did it get there, though?!). Combine that with pumpkin picking and Halloween costume-making, and your favorite Charlene blogger is running out of steam. I had to shoo my family out of the house this afternoon so that I could get a hot second to write about Charlene’s engagement a couple days ago, when the Princely couple laid the first stone for a new high school in Monaco. (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)


As you can see, the stone-laying is purely symbolic and ornamental, but it is a special occasion no less. The couple deposited a few coins inside the marble stone, which bore the colors of Monaco and the date, as well as a small scroll that detailed the event.


Being a Catholic nation, the stone was additionally blessed by Monseigneur Barsi. The school itself should be up and running by fall of 2019.

Onto the fashion!


Our princess looked amazing today, donning a bright blue Roland Mouret dress with matching shoes. She has worn Roland Mouret so many times this year, and I am delighted with each dress! I’m not sure whether or not the designer has Charlene in mind when sculpting these creations, but they suit her to perfection, highlighting her statuesque figure and giving her a clean, polished look. It seems that they have the edgy quality without going to the extreme of looking unfinished – difficult to capture, but perfect for Charlene’s fashion sense.


Can we also take a minute to discuss the re-cropped tresses and the jewelry?! I will start with her hair – it’s a pixie again, and I’m so in love with it! Somehow this haircut just jives with Charlene so well, and I’m glad to see her embracing that. I love it long, too, but she really pulls off the super-short hair with aplomb. (Also note that she has toddlers at home, so this might be a convenient haircut as well!) Now, to the jewelry. I wish so badly that we could have had a better look at these earrings, because hello. Those look like some gorgeous diamonds from where I’m sitting, though I could be completely off. It’s just not a good angle on these photos, and I can’t tell what I’m seeing here. All I know is that they must be dynamite. Let’s hope we see these in another engagement – with some better photos – soon!